Friday, December 19, 2008

Teachers are Peeps 2

My evidence:
  • we go #2
  • we shop at Foodland (kids are always surprised by this)
  • we are affected by kids calling us beeyatches
  • we procrastinate
  • we eat too many cookies
  • we overreact to your underreactions
  • we leave early when we think no one is watching or if everyone else is doing it.
  • we laugh secretly about funny things our students do, especially if we kept a completely "I am not amused" serious face during class
  • we misspell words
  • we blame ourselves when students do poorly, even if it's obvious that it's not our FAULT!
  • we only pretend to not be embarassed. So far, my bra has completely snapped during class, I dumped water all down the front of my jeans so it looked like I peed, I found my fly was open after several hours, and my top shirt button broke off.
  • we don't know what to do when a student vomits in class, we just act like we do
  • we're very happy to be on Christmas vacation, and count the days until summer break


Kristina P. said...

Love this list! And I've had my bra snap too. Mortifying.

Heidi said...

You know, we grow up feeling that teachers are such huge authority figures. To make it worse, my dad, one of those people who just automatically commands respect from all and sundry, was a teacher, so I have pretty much held them in awe. Now that my husband is a school teacher, it is amusing how NOT omnicient and downright human they are. He's never had his bra strap snap in class, though, something for which I am sure he is very grateful.

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Heidi, your husband's bra hasn't snapped in class?

Neither has mine, come to think of it.

Mariko, this list is shocking. I can't believe teachers go #2. Gross!

How am I s'possed to sit through gospel doctrine tomorrow

Funny Farmer said...

Hahaha great list. Many of those apply to parents too, esp. the laughing secretly at things kids do one. Although none of my children has ever called me a beeyatch. To my knowledge.

Unknown said...

What a good list. all true. i can't believe your bra snapped! how crazy! oh how we count the days till break! this is one of the perks of being a teacher, break time!! I also have done #7 on your list. hee hee!!

Alyson | New England Living said...

Such a funny list! But...are you sure you want people to know that your kind are really human?

Robbie said...

Hey Mighty, sorry I didn't post for so long (or read your blog). I took a vacation from blogs when I went to Hilo! But I am sorry I did. I really missed out on some great stuff! Keep posting! I love it. Let us know how we can help with your house at all. We'll watch Amaya anytime.

Smiths said...

I just noticed your list of followers, and recall you mentioning how you don't have many. I just checked my followers and had to laugh because a couple months ago I had two. I'm currently down to one. Ha ha.

Mariko said...

Jill, I'm dumb 'cause I don't know how to follow blogs unless they have the button to do so. I check your blog at least 10 times a week, so I'm assuming that's as close to stalking as I can get.
Well, I'm the one with the last laugh because I guilted people into following me. Ha ha.
There have been several people that I have been in a public bathroom (or used the bathroom right after they did) and realized that everyone goes #2. It's disturbing. Especially when it's a beautiful or dignified person.