Friday, December 3, 2010

Dogs and Children

My parents, in 1980, soon to discover that babies were nothing like dogs.
People compare dogs to children quite often.
As in, something about dogs being as difficult to take care of as children.

Man, those people have weird dogs, I guess.

Does your dog's sleeping pattern completely rule your life?
Does your dog require you to pat him at 30 beats per minute to keep from crying?
Does your dog completely destroy your ipples?
Does your dog require burping?

Did you gain 30 lbs before your dog lived in your home?

If so, you should totally march right back to the kennel and get yourself a new dog.

The absolutely only comparisons I could make of children to dogs are that A) they don't always understand what you are saying, B) you love them even though their poop gets everywhere, and C) they are alive.

I was pretty surprised about babies being, well, babies when we had Amaya. I think even I expected them to be more like dogs.

I wonder if Moze would sleep better in a dog house than on a bed.