Thursday, March 24, 2011


Moze started scooting last Sunday. He has been a totally straight-up textbook baby. Everything people tell me about babies has applied to him. That was never the case with Amaya, so it’s been a strange experience.


He yells a lot. Mostly because he just wants to tell us and the neighbors that he’s here.

Even though they’ve been different, except for the colors, they look like twins. IMG_4638IMGP0150IMG_4658IMG_4661IMGP0152IMG_4641IMGP0137

(Amaya was such a chunk on an exclusive diet of mum mums and mommy milk. Love that.)

One thing’s for sure. I’ve got another social butterfly on my hands. Mozely’s smile just splits the moment anyone looks at him. He’s always flashing those dimples to everyone. He bounces up and down with excitement when someone approaches to pick him up. He makes us all feel special. He even gives me hugs.

Totally, straight up, textbook perfect baby. We’re only waking up 5 times a night to feed these days.

So I’m a textbook crazy tired mother. Good thing he’s such a cutie.