Thursday, September 8, 2011

Really annoying things that Alanis Morissette would call Ironic even if they’re not.

Best feeling in the world: Throwing off the shackles of a 2 week diet and licking dulce de leche off the spatula after eating cookie dough.

Worst feeling in the world: Right after the dulce de leche/cookie dough binge. And maybe you had a couple of chocolate covered pretzels, too.


Reading angry comments on a news article about teachers’ contracts. Because we make so much money.


Being told we can leave early from school, because we have comp time for coming to the open house after hours, but I have 45 more essays to grade and for once we don’t have an after school meeting because everyone else has left. Oh, and did I mention, most people leave school early anyway.


Playing an “All Things Considered” piece about the misuse of the term “That’s Racist” and then hearing students misuse the term almost immediately after that.


Catching students chewing gum after I’ve made 10 of their peers spit out their gum within the same hour. And them telling me that gum tastes good.


A parent lecturing me about why her student doesn’t like my class after I’ve called her because the student is messing around and being disrespectful in class.


Me complaining about Harry Potter even though I’ve never read it. And don’t intend to.