Wednesday, December 17, 2008

More complaining

1. One of my not-so-super-conscientious-and-slightly-self-victimized and constantly-complains-about-me students, after I returned his ipod which was in captivity for using it during the FINAL, hands me a Starbucks gift card and says, "Here. My mom told me to give this to you." What a sweetie.

2. Amaya ate 2 habanero chocolates, some make up powder, chapstick, and was on her way to chug some bleach. Is it any wonder I am worried about her nutrition?

3. I was in the fitness center this morning (my last morning staying at Turtle Bay) before school and a man came in with his newborn baby in one of those carseat stroller combo things. After shushing the baby several times from his treadmill workout, he unbuckled the baby to make him more comfortable. Then he accidentally kicked the car seat as he got back on the treadmill, flipping the carseat over and the baby out head first. I left soon after to avoid yelling at the guy.

4. One of my students become verbally irate with me after I told him to pick up a piece of paper he had flicked across the room. This was right after 9 out of 13 people in the class had refused to help me rearrange the desks in proper order because "we're not maids, Miss."

5. I was just thinking today, "I bet there are going to be more centipedes in the house, now." And just now, I get a centipede 1 cm away from my foot, winding his 10 inch body like a hunter on the prowl. Jake killed the beast with much less determination than when he kills a cockroach, yet since it's a centipede, he gets to keep his manhood intact. Yuck. Yuck. Yuck.


Kristina P. said...

OK, what are habenero chocolates? They don't sound pleasant.

Heidi said...

Centipedes! In the house!?!? Did they eat all the Christmas presents under the tree? No? Then I guess you're okay. Maybe they can finish off the hanobero chocolates or at least the bleach, for pity sakes! Otherwise, they are likely to get a reputation for ungrateful slugs like your students.

Anonymous said...

Ew on the centipedes. And I will be sure to go give hugs to all the bottom thirds of my walls.

And at least the kid had the modicum of decency to give you the gift card and not keep it for himself.

Unknown said...

ew! centipedes are gross!! as are cockroaches! seriously? That guy kicked his baby out?! OMG! How did you not yell at him?

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Oh dear. I hate to see this, but I just love it when you're facing tragedy. It's so much funt to read.

I hope that's some consolation to you. ;)