Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Stuff I just don't like

This is not a comprehensive list, because if it was, you'd have to promote me to heaven, now.

1. OMG. I am so tired of acronyms that take as long to say as the real words, and also mean the real words.

2. I have 4 followers. I should put a button on my blog that says, "I AM SO LAME!"

3. Cream of mushroom soup. I so just do not understand cream of mushroom soup. I just swear that it's cheaper to put in cream and mushrooms, and a lot less globular.

4. Putting stuff away. I like my stuff to be ready to come.

5. Running wedgies. Can someone please create panties that do not do this?

6. Kids basing my knowledge of the English language on the fact that they think I dress like a teenager.

7. Looking at a woman's lipstick that is clearly outside of her lip lines.

8. Too much foam while brushing one's teeth. Do these people buy foam power toothpaste?



Robbie said...

My sister Evie always called Cream of Mushroom soup "Elephant snot". So yeah, it's not so great in my eyes. I will use it in tuna casserole, though, 'cause that's how my mom made and it tastes good! When I make it with cream or milk, it's just not the same.
But then you probably don't like tuna casserole either. :)
(Aren't you proud of me? I just put 3 comments on your blog! I finally got caught up.)

Kristina P. said...

Ha! Love the wedgie one.

And I don't like the following thing. I think it makes people feel bad about their blogging status. Even though your blog is great!!

Heidi said...

So totally with you on the putting away stuff thing--I mean, what a waste of time! You get it out, you put it back, time's a wastin'--what's up with that?

Funny Farmer said...

Hee hee... I have a feeling there are more peeves like the wedgie one. More more! Give us more!

As for the acronyms, it's about being faster to type, isn't it? Plus, if you're a good mormon girl, you can say OMG and claim you mean "gosh", while still having the full effect of the profanity. Or something like that.

sienna said...

omg is the best. for me, right now, it's like the most ridiculously funny thing you could say. it's a strange thing.

Anonymous said...

number 6 is my favorite becasuse it is so true. and i think i have to make fun of you for having a blog. i know that if i had known you had one when i was there i would have made fun of you forever. but in a good way. if that makes sense. but when i clicked here on accident and it brought me to this i nearly died laughing. and the other people that read this are giong to think im a jerk for saying all this, but you know that i don't really mean this stuff. you understand that my making fun of you isnt real making fun of you

Unknown said...

I love cream of mushroom! I use it all the time to make dinner when I'm too lazy to actually prepare stuff. I'm not good at cooking like you, I take the easy way out! haha.

and I totally get the teenager/teacher thing too...but sometimes i still act like a teenager...maybe that's my problem... and yes, putting away stuff!? what is up with that?

Mariko said...

Sienna, you're awesome for following me.
I know, there's this thing about Cream of Mushroom soup that everyone understands except me. I did try to use it before. Really.
OMG just sounds weird to me. Like I have to think too much about it when I hear it.