Tuesday, August 19, 2008

So It's Not All Bad

Left on my laptop by my daily morning, recess, and lunch visitors, exactly how it was written:

Dear Mrs. Jackson,
Hi! I’m really bored and this computer was on and open so I decided to write you this thing. Sydney is TOTALLY writing on your bored with red permanent marker and it is NOT and I repeat NOT coming off! Do you know what kinds of things take sharpie off? Well, I hope so. Well, have fun!!!
Love ya,
Dianne Veras
With syd and jess!!!

Aren't they sweet?
At least they tried to take off the red sharpie. And then fled the scene of the crime before I came back.


Unknown said...

at least they were honest about it. with my kids, I can't tell who's lying or not. ugh

Melinda said...

what little sweeties.
if you DO figure out how to remove sharpies let me know. while i was napping isaac tagged our fridge, oven, floor, laundry basket, and newly painted wall.
that little sweetie.

Mariko said...

magic eraser. It really is. Can you get those there or should I send you some? On white board it can be removed by completely covering it with dry erase marker. Don't ask me why. Courtney showed me that trick several years ago.

Unknown said...

This is the most amazing post ever!!!

Unknown said...

See? There is no problem with writing on your board with Sharpie...now I can take it off when I do it next time thanks to your magic eraser!

syd*jess*dianne said...

Always remember Mrs Jackson, no matter what we do, there is love in our heart for you. XD and somehow you know that you'll still love us! <3

cailin said...

sometimes I miss teaching....but then I've got my 2 boys to fulfill any mischief void.