Saturday, August 30, 2008

Oregonian Hearts

I love Hawaii. But I love Oregon end of summer even more. If it could always be end of summer, almost fall, I wouldn't even need to visit anywhere else.
When I was there I was able to eat lots of local blueberries and blackberries, with yogurt and granola. Thank goodness costco just started picking up Oregon blueberries here. I downed a box of them last week.
Then we have my parents' garden. Artichokes, peas, cucumbers, and a gorgeous tomato. Here shown is the last strawberry of the summer. I did miss strawberry picking season which I am still miffed about. I also missed a few other plants, so I guess I shouldn't try to cut my end of summer visits so close to the dead last day of summer.
My dad is a farmer at heart still. I like thinking of him checking on his plants. You know my dad is related to me because he takes terrible pictures too. I inherited the "close the eyes when the picture is taking" gene. I took several. This is the best one. He has a band around his arm because he gave blood. He gives blood as often as they let you because he has O negative, the universally accepted type. They treat him like a celebrity, and even call to remind him to come to his appointment at least twice.
I really recommend greek style yogurt for fruit eating. It's about as fattening as cream, but much more healthy (ha ha). Greek yogurt is much thicker and is a sensual eating experience. If you can't get greek yogurt, just put a piece of cheesecloth in a colander, that over a bowl, and scoop whole milk yogurt in the cheesecloth. Put it in the fridge overnight. Use brown cow whole milk yogurt because it isn't as sour as most other brands.


jessi said...

I really like the purple flower and the strawberry (even though i'm a moldy one). i take bad pictures too, so don't worry, it's not just a family thing...

ephraim said...

this is melinda. that's really very nice mariko. i was happy to read this post. i'm sad to be away from oregon this fall. ahhh, but we gave ella a taste test with papaya and mango today and she totally knows them. i sure didn't when i was 4. so i guess i'll have other oregon seasons later in life.
i like seeing your dad in the garden. he reminds me of my dad.

Damaris @Kitchen Corners said...

nice layout and pictures. Did you change your layout yesterday after I went to sleep?

Should I just wait to tell you this when you get home from work and I get to see you? I'm so excited I get to hang out with you. Can you please make a living from blogging so that you can stay home and hang out whenever I come and visit?!

Smiths said...

Summer is the only time I've ever visited Oregon, and I love it also. I haven't had much of a problem choking down fresh produce from the Utah farmers markets(ha ha) but you've got my mouth watering. I'm sure Oregon's got UT beat (in many many ways).