Thursday, August 7, 2008

Blog Search

icerocket is kind enough to tell me who happens upon my blog (just their city and state, or country in some cases), and what they've searched on google that would bring up my page in the first place. I have noticed that my blog comes up when people do some funny searches. It really makes me want to know why a person would be searching for these terms. The best ones so far?
"College age women who wet their pants during lectures"
"run peeing"
"cut my bangs up to my hairline"
There are some other funny ones, but I especially like these.

So far, the posts that win for the most number of searches is tied between the urination one, and the hair cut post. Soba with spicy peanut sauce is a close third.

For the people who are looking for advice about cutting your bangs: DON'T! Although I prefer really long bangs to no bangs at all, I've decided. Certainly bangs cut up to your hair line is a bit excessive, don't you think?
For people who want to know about urination, I'm no expert. Can you tell me why you want to know about female urination during lectures? Does that happen? Now I'm curious. Did that happen to you? Are you worried that someone posted about it and are now scouring blog sites to see who has revealed your story to the world?
Poor thing. I hope it turns out okay.
I'm assuming the "run peeing" search is a marathon runner. If this is your first marathon, I have to recommend port-a-potties. You don't really get away with it unless you are a world class runner. If you're not that, you probably just look like a moron. I mean, what's 5 minutes to you?

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