Sunday, August 24, 2008

The Perfect Sandwich

After too many tantrums to count, I brought Amaya home early from Stake Conference. She literally threw her first tantrum (in which she rolled all over the CAC floor in her dress) within seconds of arriving. All of these tantrums had to do with not wanting to do any of the fun things I had brought for her. When we got home, I was trying to talk to her, in a very patient voice, how I wanted her to be nice to Adelade (sp?), Marc Allred's daughter who was the angelic example of toddler-dom, and who Amaya pushed once she got close. During my very sweet and very short discussion with Amaya, she slapped me in the face. So I put her in time out.
I retreated to the kitchen for some immediate reward for being the most sweet and patient mother in the world, otherwise I might start screaming.

First I ate some leftovers of our vegan rollatini (I've been loving the gorgeous if time consuming dishes from Veganomicon lately), and then I decided to make a sandwich with the bread I made yesterday.
This is what I got:
I really do think this is the most perfect sandwich in the world. Avocado, brie, and pluot.
Before I ate it I went to check on Amaya, who was being suspiciously quiet.
She figured out how to get out of her crib a couple of weeks ago. She was just playing with the clothes, and didn't look a bit sorry.
I just went back to my sandwich.
I also want to make a note of how I made this bread. The crumb is better when you knead it in this way. You pick it up by the end, let it stretch back to the counter, and kind of slap it down and fold it over as you do it. Supposedly it traps air into the dough. Don't ask me how, I appreciate the science of cooking, and in the end I just go with how it turns out. I learned about it from Gourmet a few months ago. It seems like a crazy sticky mess when you start kneading, making it impossible to keep off your fingers, but you are rewarded in the end. The dough becomes tacky and smooth and beautiful.
You can read the gourmet article here. There's also a video showing the kneading. I totally recommend the sweet dough (it's not super sweet like dessert bread, just has a nice warmth). The bacon pastry slices with this dough base are Soooooo yummy.


Unknown said...

you amaze with the kind of foods you make.

Damaris @Kitchen Corners said...

yum. you should submit this to taste spotting.

~Chesca_Diamond~ said...

OH MY GOODNESS!!!! You actually make FOOD!!!! AAAAAH!!!! And it looks DELIC.!!!! ok, guess what?! now you have to absolutely make me something! oh and i love your daughter already!!! i wanna meet her sometime!!

Hillary said...

What a lineup of ingredients! I just recently had a pluot for the first time at Seattle's Pike Place Market. That sandwich looks delicious!

Mariko said...

I love Pike's Place Market. I never get tired of visiting it. Last time I tried some pastries that changed the way I look at crust.