Sunday, August 17, 2008

2 Years Old Going on 2 Old 4 Me

Pretty much the exact day after Amaya turned two she figured out how to put on her own slippers, even if sometimes she puts them on the wrong feet and gets the thong between toe three and four instead of one and two.

She also wants to wear dresses. Randomly. And she gets them out of the drawer herself. She says, "Mom, I wanna put on a dress." Like she's saying, "Doesn't anyone have any fashion sense around here?"

Suddenly more of her words sound like actual human words, especially the ones that sound like "Mom, come on. It's time to get up. Open your eyes. I want to bee-book." (okay, so "read a book" sounds like a book about bees, but it's pretty close.)

She knows everyone's names. And gets very excited about certain ones.

Jake took her out surfing at Castles. Yes, he took her about as far out from shore as I go myself. She just held on to his neck. When he brought her back because she was shivering so bad from being out too long and went back out himself, she screamed and cried for Daddy to come take her surfing again.

Amaya has to be in the bathroom when you are. We've been getting her to use the toilet in the mornings, so when Jake was using the facilities she scrutinized his work and said, "Good job!"

Today in nursery she had at least 7 tantrums. The flop on the floor, kick your legs, and scream so loud I would rather pretend I don't know her kind of tantrums. The last 2 were about the fact that the blanket she had for her doll was not laid out perfectly straight and kids who were trying to walk around accidentally got too close to her and her baby wrapping area.

Who is this person? I have a feeling that this is what I'll be thinking when she's a teenager.


Jesse said...

I would have to think that some of the random tantrums will decrease when the world starts making a little more sense to her. She may grow out of the dress thing as well, but Miriam hasn't yet, all predictions to the contrary. Discovering your kids' personalities can be one of the funnest, most interesting (maybe sometimes scariest) things about parenting.

Damaris @Kitchen Corners said...

Can't wait to get tantrum boy having fun with tantrum girl so that they can outscream each other while we ignore them and have fun!

Karen said...

i love reading about amaya. makes me miss her. she has a good mom who is a good writer.