Friday, August 22, 2008

Just Like Freedom Writers

Today was a good day.
Specifically, my reading class was good, and that makes everything better.
They were angels in the first hour, and a little rowdier the second, but I was pretty happy with myself. This whole thing is probably good for me. The patience I'm practicing lately is practically saintly. I think they know it, too.
I'm still skeptical that this class will change their lives. Aupiu said, "I don't think I need to even be in the class. I'm so smart already."
"You can't complain about it now. When they tried to take you out, you said you didn't want to," I replied. It's true.
"Well, I'd already decided it was okay," he said in that ambiguous way, like he might change his mind now.
Michael jumped in: "Yeah, Miss, you make everything fun."
Now, Michael is just about the sweetest kid in the class, but no one made any cracks to the contrary. And even Chasity, the sassiest girl I've ever met, hugged me today when I showed up for the second hour with creamsicles.
So what if I bribed 'em. They deserved it.


Robbie said...

Yay! I'm glad you had a good day. I had a pretty good week with the reward of candy for the well-behaved waiting for today. :) And I didn't have my workshop class due to the assembly--woo hoo!
Good job enjoying your class and seeing the positive side, that it's "probably good for you".
see ya!

Unknown said...

nice. it's nice when students don't act up! and when they say nice things. totally make your day! i should probably bribe my kids too..

~Chesca_Diamond~ said...

Wow! you really are an English Teacher! This is not only like a freewrite but a pretty hilarious one too! I wonder if you ever wrote bad back in high school?

jessi said...

Everyone loves you Mrs. Jackson! It's not just us insane students that seem to stalk your classroom. I definitely love bribing people though. Well, not love bribing them, but if I ever want a hug from my brother, it requires a little extra, chocolately push...XD