Sunday, July 27, 2008

Oregonian Rhymes with Alien

Three things from my trip:
1. Mega Extra Testosterone in high school = balding and fat ten years later, proven at least 5 times during the reunion. Hey, I may not be so hot myself, but no one's saying "YESSSSSS!!" when they see me that way.

2. Movie Reviews: The Diving Bell and the Butterfly = Ah-Maze-Ing (see, I like non-action too). Upcoming movie Death Race = I guess I lied about being a Jason Statham fan for the rest of my life. Why would you do that, Jason? Money problems? I'd loan you 5 bucks. Because that is all you're going to make on that movie. I Want To Believe = 3 stars. You are SO not allowed to pull "Scully and Mulder have been together for years now" and get away with it. Punks.

3. Landing gear = Really important to the whole landing the plane thing. Thank goodness for second approaches.

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Robbie said...

I really like your "scribbled" and "retorts" addition. :)