Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Nice Thing about a Two Year Old

Her eyes are still green in the right light.

She can always be the "one more" on the hammock.

She likes everyone, and thinks about them often. sometimes she will spontaneously start listing all the people that she likes: "Mickey, Minami, Adam,Truman, Pammy, Uncle Mikey, Nana, Gigi, Grandma, Hea, Pono..."

If her ice cream cone is melting, she doesn't mind if you help her with it.

She never cares how clean the bathroom is.

She thinks that doing chores and play time can be the same thing.

If she is having a good day, you are having a good day.

Her favorite clothes are the ones you choose for her.

If she forgets what she's trying to tell you while forming the words, it's okay to pick up on the next thing that comes into her mind. "whoihbleyahne caaaaaaape." "What?" "Mmmmm, Cake? OH! Mama, I want cake."

Sometimes she'll let you blog while she plays with play-do.

She always wants to be with you.


Damaris @Kitchen Corners said...

so happy you were born when you were. It made parenting so much easier for me to have you around to "play" with Enzo and your mommy and daddy to talk to and do crazy things with like taking you and Enzo to watch Little Ms. Sunshine with us in the movie theater.
I love you little Amaya.

ps. Mariko ad Jake good job on being such good parents. Two year olds are SO much easier than 1 year olds. It gets easier and easier.

Smiths said...

Mariko, you make me happy. I love to read your blog and feel happy. Even when you complain, it makes me smile a little, and feel happy. I can tell from the pictures and from all I know of Amaya that you make you her feel happy too. I'm so happy that Jake found you and happily made you his happy wife. Happy happy happy. hmmm. Happy Birthday Amaya.

Ashley-Anne and Daniel Brown said...

It's so fun to catch up on your great life, Mariko.. thanks to the blog world!
It sounds like you are doing great. Your baby girl is too cute and you all three just look happy.
I recently had flashbacks of our first year at BYUH... playing cards and listening to christmas swing music in the hale's.
So happy to be back in contact with you.
All the best, Ashley
PS Your food looks delicious!

Bekah said...

gwyn, looking over my shoulder says, "She's cute. And I miss her so much!"