Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Left Over

I've been thinking lately that I'd rather be thought of as left over, instead of left behind. Leftovers are more like, in excess of, too much to finish but too good to throw away. You may think that leftovers has a negative connotation, but at least it implies some choice in keeping them around, as opposed to left behind, which sounds more incidental in the wake of bigger and better choices. Since everyone is gone, I'm eating more leftovers.

But if you have to have leftovers, wouldn't you want it to be this?

Pork shoulder steaks in the slow cooker with a marinade of spices that I adapted from this month's Gourmet (originally intended for goat meat), mango salsa, home made pinto beans, roasted poblanos, and fresh mozarella cheese over corn tortillas.
I ate them for two meals already, and I think there are about two more left. The question is, am I the leftover that sits in the fridge and ignored, or the one that you get sick of having and vow never to make again?


Damaris @Kitchen Corners said...

you are the left over that no one can possibly make because no one could possibly come up with something ad delicious as that. I will be there soon enough and I will gladly eat all of your left overs!

Mariko said...

That WAS my main motivation in this post-- to encourage people to come back to help me out! :)

Melinda said...

that sounds totally amazing. i would have to eat each ingredient separately to enjoy them one by one. would that make even more leftovers?

Robbie said...

Aw man! That's what we missed because we weren't at home to get your call? I was tempted to ask if I could have leftovers the next day when I came and we cleaned the yard, but too shame. I'm excited to come have your pie and ice cream tomorrow, though. :)