Saturday, July 19, 2008

Duh-duh duh-duh duh-duh duh-duh, BAT-MAN!

I have a major weakness. This is not something that I can blame on nostalgia or upbringing although I wish I could. You might totally disrespect me after you read this post.
My weakness is called: action films.
I really appreciate good films, independent films, foreign films, even the occasional musical (although I normally show them great disdain on principle, except old ones that have cute, perfect people who dance in heels next to short guys in tail coats). But oh! Put in an action movie and I'm totally hooked. No matter how stupid they are, really.
This weakness has only grown in the past few years. I never really watched action movies before college, other than Speed (about 50 billion times-- I once chatted with people from an online group who claimed to love the movie more than life itself and constantly repeated its lines). I also really loved The Fugitive, although some would argue that it is not a strict action film.
I would totally watch an action film before a chick flick. I wish action films had a silly name like that, and the only thing I can think of that also rhymes with flick should not be a publicly spoken name. When I get on netflix or go to the video rental store I always end up looking through the action section the longest. Jake, on the other hand, pretty much hates action movies. I think this is why I should be designated the pants wearer in the family. He can wear the shorts, but I wear pants, because I like The Transporter (and #2) and will be a sworn Jason Statham fan until I die.
That's what pants-wearing is all about.
So, on opening night, I succumbed to the absolute craze of Batman. I kind of feel bad about contributing to American materialism in the biggest opening night that ever happened, but I had to do it. I loved the first one and I had nothing but high expectations for this movie.
And I must say, I was not disappointed. I did not want it to end. In its defense, Christopher Nolan has created a great movie, not just an action film. Lots of good discussion about vigilantism. The Heath Ledger performance goes without saying. The film also tipped me off to another weakness of mine. For some reason, I do really like Guys Who Get The Job Done (I think some people might call these guys "Bad---". I consider myself a liberal in 9 out of 10 issues, yet I find myself drawn to self-sacrificing hot shots who get those bad guys no matter what. YEAH.
(On this note, I would like to say I do not condone torture in any case, unless you are Jack Bauer, and that means that you know what you are doing and I will trust you.)
It's always at this point that I start wondering if Freud was right, at least about me. This is probably why I loved Alias and have fantasies about joining the CIA and being a bad--- myself.
Then I have to shake it off and watch Grey's Anatomy.


sienna said...

we saw it last night. it was good, but i have to say the action was a little much for me. there wasn't enough downtime to recover. but well done still the same. i have to say i am not a big action buff myself. more into the slow pace "nothing happens" movies.

Melinda said...

when i was 15 i had a giant "speed" poster in my room, so i'd go to bed staring at keanu. i also like action films. i would've been with you at opening night.

maybe the new batman will come to samoa someday.

Mariko said...

One would think that my love for action movies would dis-include slow nothing happens movies. As it is, I like those too, but for some reason no one thinks that's weird. Melinda, we have to hang out more.

ashley said...

hey mariko! thanks for the comment. i love blogstalking! i can't wait to go see batman, sounds so good, and i am so curious to see heath ledger's last crazy character performance!

oh, and if you are brave enough to teach at kahuku you should go ahead and consider yourself a bad---.

Bekah said...

I don't know that I knew this about you. I think anyone who wants to can wear pants. Miriam refuses, except under extreme duress. As I've gotten older, I've gotten more sensitive to all sorts of violence, which has made it harder to enjoy a lot of stuff. You should go play paintball with Aaron sometime. You might enjoy it.

IZ said...

Was that meilinda posting? Or was it eph posting with her signed in? I swear, eph used to have a poster just like that, always gazing starry eyed up at K.R. (as he so affectionately referred to Keanu). You guys really are like peas in a pod... ;)

Unknown said...

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