Sunday, January 20, 2008


I should become a motivational speaker because I have been able to break several of my addictions over the years, and I almost never miss them.
Miracle Whip left me when I got to college and went on a food budget, and I've mostly totally given up best foods mayo (Helleman's on the East Coast). I gave it up completely until I got pregnant, and then I decided that mayo was absolutely necessary and I've been hanging onto it a little ever since (but rarely, like a glass of fine wine or something. In my case, it's mayo).
I gave up chapstick my senior year of high school after reading several articles about chapstick addiction. I always feel very proud of myself about it until I go to the mainland and I just feel my lips drying up into little shredded pieces of skin. So I always find myself buying a tube and then testing it out until I get on the airplane, stick it into my Hawaiian bathroom cupboard, and let it melt into old age.
TV was another thing to go with college, and I've not missed it. Especially because of the incredible invention of TV on DVD. You can also add that I've broken my addiction to commercials.
These may not seem like addictions, but they are, because pretty much everyone else partakes of them. I can also include carbonated drinks on that list, because I never liked them. I only drink them if I buy them from the Mexican grocery store (because they're special, apple or jamaica sodas, and guarana is quite tasty as well). See how amazing I am?
Wow, I'm feeling really great about myself. I even broke my addiction to ice cream, because I only ate the ice cream I made myself (in my new kitchenaid attachment) and the ice cream that Micah and Jill left in our fridge, and the ice cream that was included in the smoothie that Micah made for us. So really, I haven't had to buy any at all.


Melinda said...

don't they put little glass shards into carmex. they cut into your skin so the mystery chemical enters your blood stream faster and your addiction becomes unbreakable. good thing you never used carmex, huh?

Melinda said...

that last one was really ephraim.
i want to commend you on your strength and courage. you're a winner, mariko!
as i considered my addictions, ephraim brought up my online shopping (browsing) fettish. i personally think it's vital now in AS.
he also mentions he has no intention of giving up his addiction to naruto and one piece. phew!!!! you are my fliend, aaaaaahhhh...

Pamela Palmer said...

Hi mighty. It's kaity. I hacked into your blog using my mom's name. Can you invite me to read your blog? I promise I won't report you to the principal for not letting me plagiarize. (Da told me. How dumb.)Anyway, my email is Thanks.

Kaity said...

Thanks Mighty.

Smiths said...

I think that since my name is mentioned in your blog I can ask for another invite. thanks