Tuesday, January 8, 2008


#1. Take Amaya out every afternoon after school.
#2. Eat only GOOD treats. None of this crap I get from the store. That reminds me, I have an awesome homemade oreo cookies recipe.
#3. Write a book and win some kind of award. It can be hard, with all of the terrible young adult literature out there these days.
#4. Check my phone messages at school. Currently, my voice mail box is full.
#5. Cook new meals and update my old repertoire. This may require more cookbooks, which I have no problem with.
#6. Learn how to cut vegetables into matchsticks in a more efficient way. It's very important for Bi Bim Bap.
#7. Say something more interesting than "Tired," when someone asks me how I am.
#8. Complete a pull up. The last one I did was in middle school.
#9. Find some foods that Amaya likes other than Chef Boyardee, chocolate chips, and cheese. Vegetables, preferably.
#10. Deep clean my house at least once, rather than these quick clean ups I do while I tell myself I'll get to the cupboards and baseboards next time.
I'm sure I've got more, but I think this is enough to keep me busy. #7 will be a real challenge if I can actually do everything else.


Damaris @Kitchen Corners said...

I need the oreo cookie recipe NOW! OMG this might change my life in an amazing way.

Mariko said...

I got it on smittenkitchen.com
I was planning on sending it to you. I'm working on a little project. But in case you need it before then...
Definitely use a lot less sugar than they tell you, though. Well, maybe just a little less.

sienna said...

good resolutions. i am impressed. i want to throw away all of the snacks in our house, but tony won't let me. i keep warning him that he is the one who is going to be a diabetic. yet i am the only who actually eats an of it.