Saturday, January 19, 2008

Baby Vomit: Read at your own risk, no editor on duty

I generally don't want to wallow in filth, but Jake suggested that I write about baby vomit. It does tell an interesting story, I believe.
Amaya has been sick for the last week, and she hasn't been eating anything. She vomits any time she puts even a little piece of something in her mouth. She can sometimes keep down a couple of bottles of infant formula for sensitive babies, so that's what we've been feeding her. The most interesting places this has occurred so far:
Our Bed (early early in the morning, and when I suggested to Jake that we needed to get up and clean it up, he said, "Yeah, 'cause I didn't want to sleep anyway," as if lying in vomit was a more sensible choice.)
On the rocking chair and inside the pocket of the armrest (while Jake was making macaroni and cheese for lunch--he emphasized to me how difficult it was to make macaroni, clean it up, and put her in the bath--I was at work, thank goodness.)
Subway (yes, the sandwich place. I'm not sure why we risked it. un/Luckily it was directly onto Jake's sandwich and the paper, so we were able to just wrap it up and throw it in the trash. Too bad he was still hungry.)
We'll keep you posted on any new developments. Ha ha.
This did make me think of my own childhood fear of vomiting in public. In Japan I was always severely dehydrated but we always thought it was the flu, so every time we visited when I was a kid I was always scoping out the nearest exit. This also happened in Australia when I was a teenager. I had no idea how poor fluid intake could affect you until I was a senior in high school. I learned that at cross country camp. Ran 33 miles in high altitudes in one day, and only drank about 24 oz of water. My coach lectured me between dry heaves.
This also reminds me of Ramona Quimby. Beverly Cleary perfectly describes the embarassment that a girl Ramona's age would feel about vomiting at school. As a teacher I've experienced it more than once, and I've been surprised about how my students reacted. More than once I've had to stop the other kids in the class from touching or examining it before it can get cleaned up. I do realize now that vomiting at school is much better, actually, because there is a person whose job it is to clean it up with their sawdust and rubber gloves and extra strength chemicals. It's terrible to say, but man, it's something I'm not very good at handling.

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no one comented on this one because they are too wimpy to aproach the subject of baby vvv vommm oh jees I can't even write the word vomiiiiii...oh man I gotta go, sory.