Wednesday, January 2, 2008

It's a girl!

Amaya is SOOO girly. Ridiculously girly. How did that happen?
We got her several things for Christmas. Her favorite? A doll stroller I picked up at the swap meet for a dollar. She found this kind of scary looking doll at Pam's house and carries it around all over the place. She cuddles it and says, "Beebee." At nursery while everyone is playing with play dough and trucks, she's rummaging through the doll pile. Rachel, her babysitter, bought her doll for Christmas, which was very perceptive of her. I totally didn't even think of it, which I should have, considering how much Amaya likes "beebees." The doll is a cheerleader and is pretty hilarious/disturbing. I think Amaya also came to the same conclusion. It says the following things.
#1. I stomp my feet, I boogie to the beat, I turn around, I touch the ground, I wiggle it, just a little bit.
#2. We're number one, we can't be number two, we're going to beat the *whatsees* outta you, the *whatsees* outta you.

I think for this case I must combine the descriptives. Disturbarious. I will probably disable the speaking function, once the arious part wears off a little.


Smiths said...

it's a boy! Taj has been playing really rough lately. He tells me "want to hit that guy," or just tackles, chest bump or headbutts new "friends". I think it's because he loves to wrestle and play rough with micah, so while he's trying to play with new kids that's his idea of fun. don't worry though, amaya should be safe. it's usually just little boys.

Mariko said...

Amaya actually loves to rough house too, which is funny, since Jake seems to scare every other kid her size when he picks them up and starts to throw them around.

Bekah said...

I think the crazy baby from Pam's is Gwyn's. With the blue pen hair. Yeah, that's it. Since Bekah purposively abandoned that one, Gwyn has been wanting one, so Bekah bought her one for Christmas, then Miriam one too, and then another one, which was the one Bekah wanted Gwyn to want. Popo chan. most dolls are kind of disturbing, even before they get their heads colored blue. Remember chucky. we have a discombobulated ken whose head keeps popping up in random places, or his headless torso. it's still better than when it was barely hanging on by a thread. and he's wearing an outfit reminiscent of Louis the XVI. Jesse