Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Stolen Post

I have to credit my brother for alerting me to this video. His blog is hibinoseikatsu.blogspot.com
I have to hand it to my brother for being politically minded and actually considering what his opinion is in a world (BYU) of mostly sameish politics.

I love the Romney part, and I think it's awful, yet funny, so in a way scores him some points. Not sure on which board I would score those points, but at least they're out there.
I also like this post because right after I saw this I took several IQ tests on facebook. Which means I am way smarter than Abe Lincoln. YEAH!


Masayuki said...

If you liked that one, how about this?


sienna said...

that was a good one. i really like the tipping point by malcom gladwell, but haven't read his other book. i want to. i liked the romney part as well. he does seem a little out of his element in a lot of settings. thanks for the fun post.

Damaris @Kitchen Corners said...

good thing the part with Romney was so short. It was painful to watch