Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Holiday, Schmoliday. Every day should be Halloween

Lots of good pics today. I stayed up until 2 am on Halloween eve making sugar cookies, and my AP Lang kids decorated during class. They kept complaining about how gross the icing tasted (My firm belief: icing always tastes gross, unless you put on a thin layer, and then let it DRY completely), but then placing layers upon layers on each cookie. Pretty gross. Maybe I shouldn't encourage it.

I love Halloween. There's just a little more "pace" in the air. It's a good excuse for breaking out of the ordinary.

Here's Lucas in his Halloween costume. "Olympic Swimmer." I considered whether this would be considered a bit risque for my "family oriented" blog, but I just think it's dang funny. I am glad that he chose the shorts speedo vs. traditional, however. And here are his shoes on Halloween.

I wanted to put up some pictures of Amaya, but our camera card won't read. I'll edit the post later.

We went down Naniloa and up Moana street. When we finished, she had about an inch of candy at the bottom of her small bucket. It was then that I realized how seriously I must have taken Halloween when I was young. How many streets did I hit? How many hours was I out there?

Amaya loved walking around in the dark and saying 'hi' to everyone who passed. She was still full of energy when we got back home, despite a torrential downpour at the end of Moana street. My skirt got soaked, and the oreos in her candy bucket got soggy. Although we don't give her candy, she knew full well that it was something that she would want, and immediately would ask me to open every candy that went in. She didn't get any, but even at home she kept bringing things to Mike and asking him to open them. When we stopped at a house that handed out oreos (not in the package), she of course immediately ate one (How does she even know?) and I thought, if I am taking her trick-or-treating, doesn't that also mean that she's going to get some candy? Otherwise I should probably just not participate and she can complain to her friends when she's a teenager that I'm a total prude. Except she probably won't say "prude." She'll say "gay," specifically because she knows it bugs me so much.

Here's Andy the Banana. And Travis the pot head. Andy said that the banana costume was just for me.

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Damaris @Kitchen Corners said...

You're lucky to have fun students. My students were mad because we had a midterm the day after Halloween. Enzo had no idea that what he was getting might be good. He just enjoyed putting things in his bucket and taking them out. He did know what donoughts were. Every Friday they give out free donoughts at our family student housing and Enzo and I always get one, or two, or...