Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Me Tube

I've recently found myself hooked on you tube. It's fascinating to me how fame is a self-propelled act on this program--and I most enjoy scanning through the musical contributions. I have this half crazy thought that maybe I could create a musical number that would be enjoyed by many, and I might solicit channel subscriptions and comments with promises of personal attention to each and every viewer. Unfortunately, my dream of a guitar solo and song writing sits in the corner of our apartment inside its case. Nonetheless, I feel inspired. To do what? I guess, express my inspirited new attitude towards you tube.
My other new interest coincides with the creation of this blog. I read the Palmer blog, Bekah's blog, and now Kaity's, and I've decided I want in. Otherwise I feel like some sort of peeping tom who enjoys living through the next blog posting. Already I have edited both of my entries twice, and I like the idea of living editing.
Of course, I haven't told anyone yet that I'm writing one.

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Damaris @Kitchen Corners said...

I think that a blog about You tube is a great idea. You should listen to This American Life show the one called Rocketman, go to This American Life website and check it out.