Tuesday, September 7, 2010


You know you’ve had a good dinner when your dish drainer looks like this:

IMG_9019 (ok, so sometimes it looks like this when your name is Mariko and you’ve blatantly avoided your turn for 3 days and even pretended that it had nothing to do with you)

When we have dinner for some people we invited and a bunch more people who just walk in through the back door, I feel good.

I feel good when I just yell “come in” to whoever is knocking at the door and I’m not even checking to see who it is before they walk in. I feel good when they’re coming in the door without knocking because they can hear that we’re all here.

I feel good when some people eat dinner (and everyone eats cookies) and some people hold the babies while others eat and everyone switches seats at least once because they stood up to get the toddler or a drink of water and it’s like we’re playing musical chairs to conversation instead of a boom box.

It’s so much better when friends are more like family than appointments.


Damaris @Kitchen Corners said...

This post is perfect.

It makes me wish I had done a lot of things differently when I lived there and happy that today I can appreciate what you're talking about.

You're so lucky to e surrounded by friends who love you like family

Mariko said...

I would be luckier if you were here too. Move back!

Robbie said...

I love having you, Mighty. Thanks for such great "dinner parties". :) Thanks for having open doors, too.

cailin said...

You're really making me miss home. And your dinners.