Monday, September 20, 2010

In Between

Currently in between:
12am and 7am, I am trying to be so zen right now. I'll let you know if it works.

time outs. If you have a suggestion for something way more awesome than time outs, let me know.

dress sizes. My maternity clothes are too big. My regular clothes are too small. Guess it's better to be swimming than bulging.

newborn and teenager. That's where I want Amaya to stay. She has the best observations about life. And what she's observed surprises me every day.

travels. Jake and I discussed goals last night and I wanted to have travel goals. Jake cares more about a house than traveling. Isn't he silly? On my list: Brazil, American Samoa, Canada, Tahiti, Bali, Italy, Las Vegas, DC, Utah, California, and Portland. We made some slightly tentative plans about Brazil, American Samoa and Tahiti. I already have tickets to Portland.

desserts. I am loving cooking pretty and NEW things right now. I made stuffed jalapeno peppers on Saturday and I so sadly didn't have any battery left in my camera. I want to know what you think I should make next.

books. I'm reading Gastronomica, the reader, when I have time (which is fascinating, by the way). But I want a story right now. One of my goals is to read more classic literature. To come smaht, yeah? I certainly haven't read enough. But the only book that I haven't read that fits that description on my shelf is Ulysses. Blah blah doublety blah. Suggestions?

The one good thing about being in between is that it sort of takes the edge off responsibility.


Damaris @Kitchen Corners said...

I miss your cooking. I think you should cook a petit gateau next, I need a perfect recipe.

I've been eating this acai bread a lot. I think of you every time I go to the bakery to buy it. It's super light and fluffy but then you bite into it and it's full of granola. It's awesome. I would post it on my blog but it looks brownish purple, pretty ugly. This is why, among other things, you have to come to Brazil

Mariko said...

I actually have a recipe for it and I want to try it out. I want some metal cooking rings, though, so I can show it off properly.
Definitely planning on Brazil. Definitely.

Unknown said...

time outs. have you tried baby shaking?

dresses. have you tried Dress of the Month Club? They're even on Facebook.

travels. vegas sucks. put it at the bottom of that list. when are you coming to portland?

desserts. kirsten makes the best cupcakes with chocolate stout-based cake, whiskey ganache, and irish cream-based frosting.

books. check out my goodreads reviews -- lots of good ideas.

Mariko said...

We call it bouncing.

I love the dresses. I lust after them. I suspect often that I'm not stylish enough.

Vegas does both vacuum functions but a couple of our BFF's live there. PDX for Thanksgiving. See you soon.

desserts. You know I don't drink so whiskey ganache isn't so appealing but I've embraced Irish Cream in my dessert making.

I've looked at your list thoroughly. I think we don't agree on some very key books. How are we even friends?

Jesse said...

Ulysses is fun, but I would read/ reread the Odyssey first. As for books, I read surprisingly little fiction for someone who has supposedly made a life out of studying literature. I read some Amin Maalouf, a Lebanese author who writes in French, Rock of Tanios and Leo the African, which were the last books I was totally absorbed in. We are pretty boring in the desserts dept. We came by several huge bags of apples, so we've been making crisps.

Unknown said...

i know about the whiskey, but i couldn't resist touting kirsten's tasty treats. as for the books, i have to say that good taste may come with age, and you're still in your twenties.

Mariko said...

Jesse: Crisps = tasty delicious. I so prefer them to apple pie.

mr. cody: I know. I've had hints of Kirsten's mad skills. She should do a food blog. I'd love to read about whiskey ganache. And see it. I hate to tell you, but Jake and I went through your list and actually booed some of your ratings. Ha ha.

Kirsten said...

Here's the Car Bomb cupcake recipe. They are amazing. You don't have to add whiskey or irish cream but don't skip the cook out the alcohol and it adds soooo much richness without making the cake dense. I prefer Young's Double Chocolate Stout, but any stout (especially one with chocolate or mocha in the name) works well.

I just re-read Housekeeping, if you're in the mood for a modern classic. So strange and wonderful.

sienna said...

i want to travel too. too bad we bought our house and now we are house poor. i've been looking at tickets to italy, but first we are buying tickets to hawaii for christmas.

i'm no good at reading classics.

The Crash Test Dummy said...

My favorite classic is David Copperfield by Dickens.

Why not start the Hunger Games while you're in between and not getting any sleep anyway.

Mariko said...

Kirsten, I love Smitten Kitchen. I am definitely going to try that. Now I need to get a that stout. Housekeeping. Never read it.

Mrcody: Jake feels badly that he got pulled into my teasing you. He said, "Didn't we like some of his recommendations?" He doesn't believe me that I just don't give you breaks. I guess I'm the meanie.

Sienna: I love your house so I guess it's worth it. I did see that Hawaiian air is doing a special for pretty cheap tickets. I think you have to fly in January though.

CTD: I do want to read hunger games. I have copies of it at school so I'm probably going to wait until I actually HAVE to go back there. :) I've read Copperfield. So long ago I should probably read it again!