Wednesday, September 8, 2010

I Love Sleepers


Don’t let him fool you, he’s vicious.

We have a good day time schedule. He’s finally getting the hang of eating every 3 hours, and every 2 hours in the evenings to “tank up.”


Last night:

11 pm feeding. Sleep.

12 am feeding. Stay awake until 2am (including a half hour burping session). I fell asleep sometime after 2:40 am.

4 am feeding. Stay awake until 5 am.

6 am feeding. Awake. 7:15 am feeding (after FINALLY burping and deciding that there was some room in there.) Then Jake took him.

Now it’s 10:52 am and he hasn’t eaten since 7:15 am. WHAT?!

Jake woke me up at 9am so my longest stretch was 7:30-9 am. Argh Argh Argh. I should have stayed in bed. I should wake him up to keep him on schedule but I’m kind of pissed and he’s only earning forgiveness by staying asleep a little longer.

I’ve become obsessed with burping because 2 nights ago he was sleeping so well and eating pretty spaced out that I thought I was getting away with murder. He wouldn’t burp after 5-10 minutes of trying after every feeding (I tried everything, even the shaking the pop bottle method) that I gave up and just swaddled him up and let us both sleep. He didn’t burp once the whole night. In the morning he was being so cute and cooing at me. I leaned in and cooed back and suddenly a fountain, nay, a geyser, of spit up came and hit me in the face and the chest and dripped all the way down into my pants. It was so surprising that I actually put my hands over his face as if trying to plug a leak in a dam. You can guess how well that worked.

Never again. Burp we must.

Aren’t you so sick of hearing how tired I am? Me too.


Damaris @Kitchen Corners said...

I'm not tiered of hearing about you being tiered. It would be weird if you weren't.

Smiths said...

I knew you were talking about the sleeper jammies and not really a sleeping baby. Wow, you're devoted to the burping thing. I'm working on being better about it.

I wish so badly we were around for the food. Oh, your cooking... Good.

I hear you on the insurance thing. We have an unconventionaly "insurance" that works up to a certain amount. We went well over that amount and have paid out the but... now we're starting phys. therapy. Oh boy. I think it falls under the well worth it catagory.

About preschool: Taj goes twice a week and Eden once until we get to HI. I can't afford Rainbow school and am on a waiting list for bright beginnings, but don't really think we'll get in. Is Amaya not going anymore? That's good for now.

Rachel Plunkett said...

I coming now. I am stealing that baby. Seriously, I don't even care that he is a boy. MUST HOLD BABY!!!!!

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Oh goodness. That's crazyness.

But still, you're a lucky duck.