Thursday, September 16, 2010

Can of Chaos

This is how we look and feel today:IMG_9079

The new semester started today. Usually I think of the new semester as a whimsically funny thing, like the fact that every new freshman girl is trying to learn how to longboard down the street. Or suddenly there are so many girls jogging. Or guys walking to the beach with the boogie boards they bought from Foodland.

It’s as predictable as Hawaiian weather.

But today Jake goes back to work. Suddenly it’s a dirge of misery. I’ve been completely spoiled with this two parents at home business. There’s always someone to help. Someone can hold the baby. Someone can wash the dishes. Someone can drag Amaya into time out. Someone can take Amaya hiking. Someone can do Amaya’s reading lesson. Someone can remember to switch the laundry to the dryer.

Are you getting that this someone is always Jake?

Last night I asked Jake if he was excited to teach again. Not really, he replied. I was surprised and thought he would want to get away sometimes.

“But then,” he said, “I have to come home and do more work because I was gone all day and you’re stressed and tired.”

I guess it’s not exactly fair of me. So I’ve got the baby in the bjorn and am trying to think of how I can help out around the house. And when he comes home today I will try not to just launch into my routine of whining.

I will try. I will try.


FootPrints said...

let me know how the no whining bit goes. i try. sometimes i try. sometimes he deserves some misery.

Damaris @Kitchen Corners said...

How do people have 10 kids? Why did I ever think it was possible.

I am a firm believer in two parent ae home all the time. I think our society s messed up because it does not give us money to just be home without kids and our husband and travel and have fun. I mean, seriously.

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Two kids was a big leap for me too. It felt like I couldn't get myself ready for the day until at least noon.

But enjoy it, man. This whole sweet baby thing. This whole bubble of innocence and control over your children thing. This whole being at home all day long and never having to rush from drop off to pick up to drop off to pick up. It's a relay race when they get to that stage. Enjoy the tortoise life style, man. I'll trade ya.

Or maybe not.