Thursday, March 26, 2009

Mean Mommy

Things that are making me into one mean mommy, today:

1. 2 peed underwear.

2. 3 half-hour sessions of sitting in the bathroom because she said she needed to poop. Instead she just spends her entire time distracting herself and poking anything within reach and singing.

3. 4th session, I decided to let her sit there by herself, after putting her on the toilet because she starts her "secret pooping" hiding under the table and I think it must be time. I come in 2 minutes later to check on her to find her sticking her finger into the toilet water and licking her finger.

4. 5th session, after a firm talking to and a spank for licking her fingers, I come in to find her LICKING THE TOILET SEAT.

5. 6th session she initiates on her own. Totally exasperated and annoyed about the whole thing, I've given up even paying attention to her needing to go to the bathroom.

6. 7 seconds later, seriously, she comes out and plops herself on the carpet, bare butted. Then she moves to the couch. I am busy cleaning the floor from her widely dispersed musubi from breakfast. This is when she notifies me: "I pooped!" I look up. Look at her sitting on the couch, and run to the toilet to check.

Yes. She has pooped. And YES. Rice dispersal seems hardly noticeable in comparison.


Damaris @Kitchen Corners said...

she pooped on the potty or the sofa?
Enzo had totally regressed. He went 3 weeks totally using underwear, except at night, and now he's back on diapers. It's a LOOOOONG process. Try not to push it or get frustrated or get her frustrated it only makes it worse. But then again this is from the mom who is changing diapers again so...

Heidi said...

Woo hoo! Potty training, esp the poopy part is rough!! Hang in there!

April said...

Ohhhh the joys of potty training....oh wait, there was no joy involved in the training, it was after that was so joyful!!!

Hang in there, she's just letting you know who is boss! :)

Smiths said...

Good luck to you. It sounds like you're off to a very normal start. Find a happy place and go there often.

Unknown said...

YAY!! She pooped! I am SO NOT looking forward to this period with Aaron!

Ikaika P. said...

Okay, so you're not alone. Just repeat the mantra to yourself over and over "I'm not the only one. I'm not the only one." Here's how we compare:

1. 3 weeks, no accidents, tonight...peed his pants.

2. son sort of tells us when he wants to poop (and only gives us about 3 seconds notice). once on the toilet, he tells us to leave him alone. you come back and half the roll of toilet paper is either on the floor or in the toilet.

3. 4. 5. in some form or another, we've had the same experiences. poop sessions usually last about 20 minutes because there's "not enough" poop in the toilet and he's convinced that he "needs lots of poop in the toilet".

6. on many occasions, we've left him on the toilet to poop and when you least expect it, he's crusin around the house without having wiped himself first.

(and we have a few extras...) true to his OCD little self, older son refuses to touch the toilet when he's peeing for the simple fact that he doesn't want to have to wash his hands. you'll here the scream "i need help!" which means, hold my arms while i pee. and tonight crowned it all when both boys are bathing and two little (well, not so little) poops come floating across the water. baby pooped in the bathtub!

remember "i'm not the only one. i'm not the only one."

Testing said...

I'm a mean mommy everyday- just ask my kids. I didn't think Devin would ever be potty-trained, but he loves that he's a big kid on the "potty train" now- choo choo!