Sunday, March 15, 2009

Singing in the Fame

NOTE: I do have better music taste than you might think after reading this post.

It is a too common daydream of mine to consider what I could sing in public.
Karaoke, high school assembly, random serenade... These are all completely probable situations in daydream world.

Top choices for karaoke night:

1. For the Longest Time (Billy Joel)

2. Extraordinary Machine (Fiona Apple)

3. In My Life (Beatles)

4. El Scorcho (Weezer)

5. Stand by Me (Ben E. King)

Now, we all know that these are not the most amazing or "I'm cool because I know this song" songs (except Fiona Apple. Because she's amazing). But there's one thing all these songs have in common.
They are all basically in the same octave range that I sing in. I have limited range, and like to stay on the low end. Which usually means I have to sing songs that guys sing, so I sound like I'm singing love songs to girls. Fiona Apple has a low voice which works out. PLUS, amazingly enough, I actually know all the words. Jake will testify that I do not know the words to most songs, even though I sing to them regularly. When I get to a section I haven't really paid attention to enough to figure out the words, I just say, "na na la la da da.." to the tune. I often joke that I have retarded ears and just can't pick up the words. Jake laughs at me about this all the time.
I do know all the words to a few more songs. Some of which I will not admit to, if only to keep my fractured dignity intact (yes, I do know the words to "I'm Just a Girl" by No Doubt as well as "You Oughta Know"-- c'mon, give me a break-- I was in high school).
Here's one that will probably shame me, but is still dang funny, and that I would probably put on that list if anyone had access to it: "If I Ever Fall in Love Again" by Shai.

More shameful memories: In 6th grade I was in "Company B", a small vocal group of girls that sang for school assemblies. I was quite good at singing solos in "The Man in the Mirror" by Michael Jackson, and "Lean on Me". I still remember the words.

Okay, one more. I can sing any Weird Al Yankovic song from before 1998.
Thanks, Dad.

Now do you see why I picked the ones I did for actual possibilities for singing in public?
I'm telling you, I would be killer at singing any of these songs. And the fact that I would know all the words would just cement my awesomeness for you.


Unknown said...

I don't know the words to songs either. On the rare occasion I do and half the time, it's not right! David laughs at me all the time when I try to sing along to songs!

Nicole said...

I can totally remember you singing "Man in the Mirror." If shame be admitted, I was the girl in Company B who played the bass guitar in the assemblies you sang in (I was so heartbroken when I didn't get chosen to sing, and therefore Mr. Phay had pity on me and set me up on the bass) It wasn't all bad, because I had a perfect view of my crush, Ben Goodwin *sigh*.

Also, I sang a solo of "In My Life" in a high school choir concert. GREAT song.

Kristina P. said...

I think we need a video, proving your awesomeness.

sienna said...

i am also really bad at remembering the words to songs. tony always knows all the words. it's strange. you're braver than me, i wouldn't even daydream about singing in public.

Sylvia Louise said...

I can remember words. I cannot tell if I'm on key. I can tell when other people aren't, but I always fear that my hearing goes sour if I'm listening to myself.

Heidi said...

Oh, golly, do I ever love Fiona Apple (and billy jOel!)

IZ said...

Funny...In all the years I've known you, only now that you mention you singing in public that it occurred to me...I have never heard you sing! EVER! What's up with that?!

And as far as remembering words to songs, I have the opposite curse. I can't help bu remember words, no matter how idiotic, vile or profane. I only wish my memory abilities would carry over into my medical studies...;)

Liz said...

first of all, i enjoyed this post when i read it a couple of days b/c i love singing and can't sing at all. and i never get the words right so always make up my own. i wrote a post about it too like a yr ago. haha!

second, when i came back just now to comment, i saw your tweet to ashton kutcher! bahahaha!! that's awesome, mariko!!

Kurk said...

Glad to know that something rubbed off on you, even if it was Weird Al...