Saturday, January 17, 2009

Nope, just a little full in the belly

Student: "Miss, are you..."
Me: "What?"
Student: "Nevermind."
Me: "Oooookay...." walking away
Student: "Miss, are you pregnant?"

Every person who sees Amaya: "Oh, she's so big! Getting ready for a little brother are we?"

Every person who sees me: "How many kids do you have now?"

Every person I want to kick in the shins: "Congratulations!"

This, of course, increased significantly after I lost 10 lbs.
Is it any wonder that I absolutely do NOT want to get pregnant right now?


Kristina P. said...

People are so ridiculously thoughtless!

Testing said...

No way! That is ridiculous- I was holding a newborn and people ask me that. Do I look that crazy? There should be an etiquette class for those who know nothing about pregnancies.

April said...

Next time they say "we" you should say, "Who? Me and you? I don't think my husband would appreciate that!"

Heidi said...

The worst thing about losing weight is that it makes my pouffy tummy a bit more boufant seeming in comparison. It does look like a little pregnant tummy as opposed to a big ol' fat tummy. Still, it stinks when that happens. (And a thousand pardons for taking liberties with the English language)

Heidi said...

Though, I must say, I am pure as the driven snow compared to the word verification guy (stainsol--what a sense of humor!)

Anonymous said...

Sorry about the stupid comments. I have a friend who used to get that all the time and it was just her natural shape. Plus she was really trying to become pregnant but without success. It was awful.

Smiths said...

Right after I had Taj I got asked when the baby was coming. It kind of hurt. I'm currently preparing for those questions as my clothes get more and more snug- this winter eating and winter layer is no joke. PS: I've seen you and you don't look pregnant. People are dumb.

Patria said...

it is crazy how interested everyone is in everyone else's family planning plans. today two people commented to me that it's time to have the next one...what?!

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Oh, you do NOT look preggos! You with your cute little body and your silky hair and your porcelain skin.

Hey, shhhhhh, don't tell but yesterday I was registering my daughter for EFY and we had to create a security question. I decided on who's your favorite teacher.

She said Mrs. Jackson.


Mariko said...

Such a natural answer, don't you think?
It's okay, since she's my favorite student. Hee hee.

Robbie said...

Yeah, and get this! I actually AM pregnant, but nobody believes me and says I'm too skinny! Can't they tell that my belly is totally bigger than it was a few weeks ago? They're so rude. Ha ha. Just kidding. I know that doesn't count!