Tuesday, January 20, 2009

(im)Perfect Romantic Moments

I like to catalog romantic and wannabe romantic moments, and I thought, after Crash's fun first kiss comment box, that I have a good list to share.

After our first date (and I didn't know it was exactly a date, even though I dressed like it was), Jake walked me home and we stared awkwardly up in the sky while he told me he liked me more than just a friend. He was totally offended that I didn't respond, but I was kind of just drinking it all in. And guys, there were shooting stars. Obviously there was only way this could go.

There was also this one time that Jake and I were kind of standing very close face to face (well, more like face to torso), by the GCB, and he had his feet on top of my shoes, and I had my hands in my pockets, and then he reached out to me, and pushed me. Straight down. Like a punching dummy that doesn't come back up.

In "Only You", Robert Downey Jr. presents Marisa Tomei with these perfect shoes to go with her perfect outfit (Hey, it was the 90's, 'k? the outfit was perfect, and no one suspected him of being gay) and sends her off on a date with another man. He just looks at her closely with the eyes, and tells her that he hopes she will be happy. And then she leaves. What a wacko. At 13 I was ready to jump him.

In "Reality Bites", there's this dialogue that I just wanted to be a part of so badly. Winona: I was really gonna be something by the age of twenty-three. Ethan: Honey, all you have to be by the age of twenty-three is yourself. Winona: I don't know who that is anymore. Ethan: Well, I do. And we all love her. I love her. She breaks my heart again and again... But I love her. *kissing and cooking macaroni and cheese ensue

The best kisses are the always those ones that take people by surprise. If I run into one of those in a movie, if I can, I always rewind and watch it again. Grey's Anatomy is full of those.

After Nolan and I danced around each other for a couple of weeks, and then established that we liked each other (I was an insecure person, I made him say it really loud and clear before I gave any information up), we were on our way in to the movie theater and I turned and said, "So, uh, are we going out now?" He said [are you ready people?], "Yeah, sure."

The time Dan and I were running on the dock and he, while I was in mid sentence, picked me up and jumped in the water, I thought, "Now why couldn't this have been a romantic moment, rather than just a plain old really annoying thing he just did so that I would have to run home with squishy shoes?" He told me that this was the kind of thing I'd look back on and laugh. Now, really. What kind of person tries to create memorable events?

After I broke up with Cody, and then he begged me to get back together with him and give him one more chance, and then settled for me waiting until the next morning, and then broke up with me 30 seconds later (I still contest that it was I who broke that off, and this is my blog, so that's what I say), he immediately asked me to kiss him for old times' sake (we'd dated a whole slew of weeks, mind you) in a pretty theatrical way, even sweeping his arms around and talking about our now 1 minute kaput relationship in a fond way. I guess I had a thing for people who worked to create memorable events.

And then there's Jack Bauer. He talks with that quiet, intense voice, and if you listen just right, it sounds like he's whispering sweet nothings to every person he talks to. "You're going to tell me where those bombs are, or I will kill you." That's hot. Totally. 24 hours of perfect romance.


Kristina P. said...

Oh, why did you have to bring up Jack? Sigh.

And my first kiss was just like that scene in The Notebook. Just like it.

Nutty Hamster Chick said...

Mariko, just so you know, it is totally me in my profile piture. I actually had a pole for a while about if I should change it or not. The nays won, so I am still a screaming nutty hamster chick. I took that picture myself. I am sure you would never guess. Why would I take a picture of myself wearing my quest t-shirt next to the BYU football game, you ask? Well I needed to document my watching of the game. It is a pretty funny post if I do say so myself. You could read about it here http://hammondshamsterwheel.blogspot.com/2008/08/papparzzi-pat-prevails.html

Although do links work in comment boxes, I am not sure.

Anywho, I am always glad to put a smile on others faces, so I will keep on screaming til the end of time.

Nutty Hamster Chick said...

Sorry teacher I used the wrong pole. It should have said poll. Please don't mark me down k.

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Hee hee NHC. She spelled pole wrong in front of you.

Love this love post. And what a perfect description of Jack Bauer. Even my husband is in love with the guy.

I'll link to this post tomorrow!

Nutty Hamster Chick said...

geez crash, you don't have to rub it in.

Patria said...

love this post. especially love that you mention Jack Bauer at the end. I only saw the first two seasons of that show, but dang was it good...I was totally crushing on Tony Almeda...and I heard he's making a reappearance. Now I have to start watching again (:

Mariko said...

OMGosh Kristina. I know exactly which scene you're talking about. That was way more than a kiss though. Yikes! I definitely rewound that one. And I HATE that movie. Seriously. I hate old people framed young love movies. Nothing against old people, but, y'know, it's overkill. Obviously they ended up together. No worrying about it. But love the kiss scene, and I'm talking about the surprise kiss, not the first one.
NHC, I won't mark you down. I always have a brain fart about roll and role (like, "roll call", not the bread), and those are practically the same thing. I liked it better when you had a pole profile picture anyway, which is what I was thinking until you clarified. What would that look like? Naughty, probably.
Oh, I love Tony Almeda too. And I'm liking Milo this season (I'm a season behind). 24 is just a heat seeking missile, I guess. There are so many surprise kisses on 24. They know how to make it hot.
I'm so glad we're having a party in my comment box. It's nice to have people over sometimes.

Colleen said...

I'm so glad you started out with Jake. You're such a classy chick. I am ashamed to say my first kiss was at 19 (lost a little coolness already) and was completely unromantic, selfishly using the poor guy for practice. How bad is that? But it was still fun.

Damaris @Kitchen Corners said...

when I started dating Christian I had insane ideas about romance. Not because I was sorta of, kinda in a a 3 year relationship when I met Christian. It was all because my best friend from high school was filthy rich and her parents would send us off on exotic vacations together. It was their way of getting her away from her freaky boyfriend.

they paid for us to go horse back riding on a white sand beach with a picnik at the end. They also paid for us to do this amazing boat trip for two where they took us to a desserted island and had candle light dinner waiting for us.

We still joke about how our most romantic moments were with each other.

Christian is pretty dang romantic. Last Friday I came home from a girls night out and Christian was sitting on the couch doing his homework. When I went upstairs to get ready to go to sleep I had a new something, something waiting for me and candles all around our bed with lots of yummies and....

anyway, I'm not suppossed to talk about these things in the blogosphere but you started it so if he gets ticked I'll blame you for it.

Anonymous said...

Wait, he pushed you down? To the ground? Did you get hurt? Was that one of the non-romantic moments? (Or was it like he pushed you down onto a couch?)

Are you watching this season's 24? I like it so far, and for once I like Jack's romantic interest (I never liked that other one, what's-her-face) so it's kind of too bad that [SPOILER]

that at the end of the most recent episode he shot her in the neck, covered her face with plastic while she was still alive, and then piled dirt over the plastic.

[End of spoiler]

Yeah, that Jack's a romantic one. I've tried to warn Kristina about him, but she's too busy listening to his lulling voice to hear my warnings.

Mariko said...

Co-- First kisses must be better when you're older, I think. The young ones are kind of messy and gross.

Da-- Wow. That is romantic. I suddenly feel very unromantic myself. If Jake was making this same list, he would say, "There was this one time Mariko made dessert-- oh but wait, she did that for herself." I pretty much just expect romantic stuff to happen to me. Sexism lives!

MIB: I can't believe you spoiled that for me. That has got to be the most romantic thing ever. I haven't seen this season yet. I will, I will. I still am reeling over the fact that they killed his wife in season 1.

nevadanista said...

Hey, came over from crash's, hope you don't mind.

I can't wait for Jack and the new chick to make out between explosions and flying bullets. Won't that be intersting, after he's hog tied her, shot her in the neck, and buried her? Can't wait :)

My favorite movie kiss ever, and very unexpected by the herione, was in a Room With a View. George sees Lucy standing in a golden field dotted with poppies (as I remember it), walks over and kisses her like he's never wanted to kiss anybody before - all with Puccini in the back ground. It's making me swoon just thinking about it!

Mariko said...

Oooooo! Yes, Nevadanista (Oh, I JUST figured out that your name had the state in it. I've been tripping over it until now), I love that kiss too. This is as good as rewinding.

Patria said...

i love that you said you're still trying to get over the fact that they killed Jack's wife in season 1! so true!
ok for yoga- that post highlighted a class i found in Chinatown- not really the greatest location for my yoga peeps on this side of the island (: But, I hit up a wickedly good and challenging class on Saturday's on the north shore that I could hook you up with! -Patria

i'm erin. said...

Hey Crazy Lady Teacher! Jack Bauer is totally out and Edward is in. hahahaha...just kidding, I though I would throw in a little freakisly hyped literary romancer in.

Wow, you were one crazy dater. I love it.

April said...

Seriously...am I the only person in the universe who DOES NOT watch 24???

My favorite was Dan! He's impulsive! But that's only good in a boyfriend!

Mariko said...

You are, April. You are.
My favorite is Jake, obviously.
Dan was a terrible non-boyfriend. He was my best friend, but bad non-boyfriend. If you get what I mean.

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Okay, can I just smack Dar. (Damaris) SMACK! Take that, Dar.

Oh, and here's a swift kick in the pants to boot.

And here's a poke in the eye.

Dontcha know DAR, that you're NOT s'pose to be HAPPY after you're married.

Sooooo jealous.

And I dropped by your classroom today to surprise you and check if you were wearing the tie dye shirt, but you had a SUB! HELLO, girlfriend. It's so not fun surprising you.

YES APRIL. Jump on the bus, gus.

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Woooooohooooo. 18 comments. You go, girl.

Your verifier says honests

Wow. That is the nicest thing that a verifier has ever said to me.

The Crash Test Dummy said...

I'm just going to make it an even 20 so I can be with you when you make blog history.

Damaris @Kitchen Corners said...

Nobody has ever called me Dar. I think I hate it. You can call me Da if you want Ms. Crash Test Dummy.

don't you worry I've only been married for 5 years so I'm practically a newly wed. There is plenty of time to develop an unhappy marriage :)

Mighty, your word verifier says "restied" is that a real word? It sounds like "rested" which is totally ironic and cruel that it popped up when I was leaving a comment

you should tell your friend CTD to join us at BlogHer since she's totally a blog addict.

Mariko said...

As Crash says, you can't make up your own nickname, Dar. (Hee hee. Just kidding. I won't ever call you that again. Promise.)

Very funny Crash. Are you trying to make me feel inadequate Miss 255comments? Sheesh.

Instead you could look at it as "re-stied," which could also be cruel and ironic, if you have a sty. In your eye.

I'm definitely bringing Crash to the conference. She has no choice. She has to do her blog across America SOMEhow.

Oh, and everyone, here's what CODY said, in response to my post (he reads my blog, just is too afraid to post, because he's a hotshot lawyer and above looking at blogs)

"I was laughing so hard reading your blog entry. I can't believe how immature and melodramatic it all was. And to see it in print really put it into perspective; without the "hard" reality of the written word, it's easy to fuzz out the memories or omit certain details in oral telling.

At any rate, sorry I had to dump you back then. :)"

And he also informs me that Dan is a regular Don Juan, dating lawyers and doctors and Persians...
I doubt he's throwing them in any rivers, however.

Mariko said...

Oh, and ERIN.
You are crazy. I didn't see the movie, but Edward looks like a drug addict. And I don't care if his drug of choice is blood.
Drug free for me!
Except for that little lapse Jack Bauer had. He's forgiven because it was related to his work.

Mariko said...

And I also forgive Robert Downey Jr. Just this once.

Unknown said...

I've never seen anyone comment so much on their own posts. Here's one from me to balance it out. ;)

Mariko said...

Cody, even commenters like an audience.
And LOOK! I forced him out of hiding.