Saturday, October 11, 2008

Beach Closed due to Whale Sightings

I've only admitted to a few people (who live here) that I've been doing South Beach. Wherever South Beach is, someone should go really mess that place up. They should quarantine all the people who live there, those happy sugar free people.
Yes, I'm still doing my P90X videos, which has had zero effect, probably due to the fact that my metabolism immediately adapts to a lot of exercise (thank you not, 3 hours a day cross country practices for 4 years). I have gained a lot of arm and leg muscle, but when bigger muscles are covered with fat, it's not pretty. Everyone who I tell this to kindly suggests that I should actually diet.
Diet? Me? No way. I am opposed to diets on principle. Diets disgust me.
So I'm embarassed to admit that I'm on a diet.
I don't count eating healthy as on a diet, but I've done that quite a bit with no success. Prior to this, I was drinking vegetable soy juice for breakfast, fruit as snack, small lunch with lots of fruit and vegetables, snack at home, vegetables with carbs at dinner (and then desserts a couple of days a week, obviously, since I was NOT on a diet). I've been doing this since the day school started (about 3 months), except for the 3 weeks that Da was here, when I was eating everything. And during which time I gained no weight.
Anyway, South Beach is: no sugar, no carbs, no fruit, no certain vegetables with too much sugar, no milk (some low fat cheese) and low fat meats. For 2 weeks. And let me tell you, this has been the longest 5 days ever, and I have too many days to count left (I'd rather not think about it). I've had symptoms that are highly similar to drug withdrawals. Seriously.
Why would I do this? Well, my dad talked it up, and he lost 12 pounds in two months himself. Now, I don't need to lose 12 pounds (yes, I do but I'm trying to be realistic). I'd be happy with 3 at this rate. And that looks about to be what I'll get.
So, I haven't wanted to post about food much, obviously, and I've been in a terribly witchy mood for the past 3 days. And I am SO sick of eggs and meat. Disgusted, in fact, that I may never eat them again. I've been trying to eat a lot of beans, but you can't eat them every meal. Thank goodness I'm not sick of those.
If anyone has even one suggestion of what to eat for breakfast that isn't eggs and canadian bacon, I will kiss you (via the internet).


Damaris @Kitchen Corners said...

all south beach diet breakfast...lots of eggs. sorry

her blog is
the one that you hate because of all the ads. sorry again but it's all south beach.

good luck with your diet. I hope you loose as many pounds as you want in the quickest time possible.

IZ said...

scrambled eggs and brains? Hey, some people swear by the stuff...oh wait! Still eggs, doh!

IZ said...

On a more serious note, how about fried tofu. It can be quite tasty with the right sauce. the trick would be finding a sauce with no carbs. I'm sure you could think of some way of making it breakfasty.

Unknown said...

good luck. i was going to give you some recipes but alas, i have none. I should be on a diet myself but...that's not going to happen! I give you props for doing it!! ;D

Smiths said...

Dieting SUCKs, and I swear the minute you give yourself a break the weight comes back with a vengance. So of course I will mention that you do not need to diet- you looked perfect when I was there a month ago. I enjoy the beach as much as the next guy, but this Southbeach you mentioned sounds rough. I will admit that I follow similar guidelines as a lifestyle (very different from diet:). It's a result of the gestational diabetes experience- I felt so great after I got over the withdrawal stage that it's been easier to stay kind of on the eating plan. Good luck.

Mariko said...

Jill, I've often been amazed at your ability to stay away from carbs (and eat so little as well!).

noelle said...
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noelle said...

i did south beach for like a year off and on. so i can totally relate. the first two weeks really are the hardest, but after that it isn't too bad. the only reason why i stopped doing it is because being at school, eating dorm food = no variety and very hard to be on a specific diet. for breakfast when i was at home, though, i would eat avocado and tomatoes on whole wheat toast with a soy fruit smoothie. i liked it alright.

Unknown said...

Does that mean I shouldn't bring you cookies tomorrow, or will you eat them?

Unknown said...

Good luck with the "diet", Mariko. It's definitely tough to find something to really stick with since a lot of diets have many restrictions.

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