Saturday, October 25, 2008

Food Blogging for Dummies

So, I started a blog on wordpress, about 2 months ago. This is going to be a foodblog, and I finally just posted my first entry today.

Now, I thought when I switched over to wordpress it was going to be all strawberries and cream. Not so. I have had nothing but headaches over their template issues. For one, I can't just use whatever size font I want for the post title. What is WRONG with that? I have looked up and down the CSS text and cannot see what I can change. It is so disappointing.

Secondly, I've had a helluva (it's not swearing when you put the three together) time picking a &%*$&@# wordpress theme (again, not swearing when these are reduced to cutesy pictoral signifiers) and am very unhappy about my choice.

But I decided to stop whining and just do it already. I will fix it once I meet someone who knows CSS and then I will bathe him/her in baked goods for the rest of his/her life (or at least once).

Now, this is when you're going to tell me that there is already a site called "" I know. I know. I know. Plus what they do on is what I was envisioning my blog to be. I got frustrated by the fact that every single site I wanted was taken, and when I found this one, I was overjoyed, and then immediately despaired when I was told about cookthink. ARGH.

So, I'm separating my cooking life from this blog and writing on the other. I'm hoping to write about my own cooking, as well as political, economic, social issues associated with food or cooking. If you have ideas for what I should write about then PLEASE tell me. I've got a list going already.

Also, if you are wanting to join me as a writer on my duplicitous plagiaristically named blog, and eventually become famous and be a millionaire blogger to support your food porn addiction, I'm taking applications.


Damaris @Kitchen Corners said...

and the day finally came. I just checked it out. I love the template. what are you talking about? It looks clean and awesome.

Damaris @Kitchen Corners said...

btw, cookthink is a lame site. sorry I ever said anything

Ikaika P. said...

so i went to and saw your website. now don't get mad. what i saw was pretty barren and not very "jacksonesque" of you. what caught my eye is that the url for your blog is if you're going to have a url with wordpress in it, you may as well stick with blogger, since you're used to it. if you want to start customizing (you may need someone with coding experience) and have the url to be simply, then you have to go to (not .com). our blog is a wordpress blog. that is.
i tell you this because if your are looking to gain a readership where advertising seems to be a lucrative option, I don't think you can advertise on if none of this makes sense, just shoot me an email and i'll ask my wife. she's the one that set everything up for our blog. i just do the writing.

Masayuki said...

oh oh, I want in. I'll be your taste tester. Just send me to Hawaii twice a month to try your food. Come on, how else are you going to appeal to the college aged kids?

Mariko said...

I know, I know, I know! Ikaika, I want to do, but it requires hosting, which they say costs money every month. I guess I'm not ready to commit. And I don't have a team of coders to help walk me through it. I did buy the URL, and I was trying to look into switching it back to being under blogger, but I can't figure out how to do it. It's a work in progress. I could definitely use some expertise.

The Crash Test Dummy said...

I think you should call your blog Or, since you live in Hawaii, Even better, how about That is sure to rope in some readers.

And I have lots of social, political and economic ideas about food. You should also talk to Anna Christiansen and Cynthia Compton. Both have researched and lectured about it.