Thursday, May 8, 2008

My Friend Joan

One of my students handed me a brownie today and said, "I know you want this, because I saw your blog and you like treats."

Yikes. The secret's out.

So, I will move on to my second topic of conversation (of the two that I ever discuss), which is school.

Today I had a meeting with a parent, and I was thinking the entire time that she reminded me completely of Joan Cusack. Her mannerisms and tone of voice seemed to be like watching a scene from "Grosse Point Blank". I love Joan Cusack. She is the one actress that I would not mind being friends with, because, let's face it, I am completely snobby when it comes to friends. I like many actresses, and Jake would say I have a "woman crush" on Jennifer Garner and Parker Posey, but I would probably not like to be friends with either of them. I believe that a woman crush is when you admire a woman for their appeal (to men) as well as envy their physical and/or mental abilities. At least that's how I interpret it. I ended up having a strange conversation concerning this with Iz and Cailin once, and basically I understood that this term could be easily misconstrued, which is why I'm trying to explain it. I have a fantasy of becoming an undercover agent who can kick butt anytime and anywhere, which is why I like Jennifer Garner (Yes, I understand, she's just an actress, and I forgive her for the last season of Alias). Parker Posey is brilliantly funny and says everything in a perfectly sassy/snappy way. So, even though I like these two, I wouldn't be friends with them, because I would mostly just be second string to their awesome-ness, which I would of course be critical of if I actually knew them. With Joan Cusack, I imagine it would be a more give and take relationship. We could laugh together, not just me hanging onto her every word. She wouldn't need me to be her cheerleader.


Robbie said...

Ooh, I wonder if I'm the first one to read this. :)
Mariko, I hope you do write a book someday. It would certainly be popular. I love your writing!
Guess you're feeling better if you went to work today. yay!

Smiths said...

I just saw Joan Cusack in "Martian Child," which is worth seeing, and I told Micah the same thing about liking her. My admiration of her was hit home when I heard her narrating "Peep and the big wide world." I wish Taj would like the cartoon more, cuz it's one of my favorites. As for my "woman crush"-I'm bonkers for everything Tina Fay. Oh, I want to be Liz Lemon, but I'm just not. Blurg.