Saturday, May 10, 2008

Category #1

Because I am a person obsessed with coolness, I am reading over my posts and fretting at the shallow nature of my blog. I pretty much never talk about social activism, my family, or interesting cultural capers. Every blog I read is important to me for one of these aforementioned qualities. I am purely an escapist these days. I think this happened the second I became a teacher. My following of politics is centered completely around the current presidential elections while I ignore anything remotely important. Today I probably spent more time reading the weekend section of the newspaper than the page on world news.
Unsurprisingly, my students are unaware of the tragedies in Myanmar, and in my attempt to explain the details, I found that I could say about three sentences before running out of material. I pretty much scanned the headlines. In all fairness, I don't have that much time to read the newspaper during school, and usually settle in only for the food section on Wednesday at lunch.
At least I can say that, yes, I did just finish reading Freakanomics, which is the topic of conversation I have in my bag of tricks these days, other than Amaya or school. It helps that most of my coversations are with Pam who cares deeply about these two things. At least she's not bored by my lack of depth.
Anyone reading this blog would see that the content of my brain can be categorized into four areas: 1) entertainment, 2) food, 3) body, and 4) miscellaneous stuff everyone else already knows.
On that note, may I leave you with a refreshing tidbit of my new resolve to be a multi-faceted personality? Leslie Hall at least incorporates the fashionable aspect of my interests.


Damaris @Kitchen Corners said...

dang, you are so self reflexive. good for you.

Jesse said...

What you write about is not necessarily the sum total of who you are. If anything, we often talk least about things that concern us most, because they are the hardest to talk about. I have been trying to make more of an effort to talk about politics and the environment, even though they are harder to talk about, because they are things I care about and its easier to get upset. And read more as well. But food is important too. And school. Food is culturally, socially huge. Making it is one of the main, continual ways we demonstrate love for those around us. Its an expression of our culture, concerns, etc. Likewise, I am sure the mundanity of school can be somewhat distracting, but it is a pretty important process of turning teenagers into decent human beings. But I am preaching to the choir. My two cents, for what its worth, is that rather than try and interest yourself in something that is less naturally appealing, add that dimension to what you are already doing. If you are interested, and want to do more, then do it.

Smiths said...

Your posts truly are Jacksonesque. We miss you guys. though about inviting you guys over for chimichanga's last night. Life is hard sometimes.

Melinda said...

now that i can use 'real' internet, i finally watched that video. yikes! she's like a female jack black. i actually wanted to buy glasses like hers, but when i tried them on i couldn't stop giggling. i thought no one would take me seriously wearing those things.
and i like your blog just the way it is.