Thursday, May 15, 2008

Just More Evidence of How Shakespeare Still Delights His Audiences Today

Out loud reading in a high school classroom is an interesting study in historical linguistics. Two cases in point:
1. Twelfth Night Act II, Scene iii
An you love me, let's do't... *cue general hilarity
I had forgotten the power that the words "do" and "it" have together for a young crowd.
2. Hamlet Act I, Scene i
I think I hear them. Stand, ho!
*cue uproarious laughter
...a little later in the same scene...
Holla! Bernardo!

Maybe a hip hop Shakespeare isn't such a far stretch.
Of course, my students are silent during the actual jokes.

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Smiths said...

Now I know why you're so hip and in tune with the teenagers. Thanks Shakespeare!