Thursday, May 22, 2008

Can I scream now?

Even if this is partly my fault, and partly some other person's that I will not here name, I am still raging mad right at this moment. I occasionally make demands to this unnamed person regarding this issue (demands I cannot fulfill because of disagreements we have over what should be done), and occasionally one step to appease me will be made, but I think I'm ready to explode over this.
Green Honda Accord:
unregistered and un-safety inspected for 2+ years, but insured! Oh yes, very insured, for around $800 per year, because getting it back on insurance after missing even one day can double the premium.
Initially, because the back window tinting was slightly peeling and Jiffy Lube would not give us safety inspection without having it professionally removed ($400+). Jake and I removed it ourselves, spending hours on the window and cleaning it. In that process, the motor for the window died, leaving it up halfway, resulting in Jiffy Lube not giving us safety inspection for a halfway up window.
That was fixed.
Then there were a number of other problems, the most recent being electrical issues. Probably all of these are due to the fact that it has not been driven regularly, obviously. For 1+ years, it sat in our driveway, dead at our house by pounders.
When we moved to Pam's it sat in the street in front of the house, undriven. We have never tried to use it, choosing instead to abide by the law.
10/2/07, parking ticket, unregistered and no safety. I wrote to the court, immediately, explaining that it was not in use, just sitting in the street, technically in front of our "mechanic's" house.
They charged us anyway, and I sent in a check immediately, and Jake moved the car to the driveway.
2 months later, I got a notice from a collections agency informing me of non-payment and possible jail time for avoiding parking tickets. Looked online, found that my check had never been cashed, no idea why. Maybe I forgot to put a stamp on the envelope. My new payment would be $30 more than the original ticket. This was in February.
Several days ago I started receiving recorded messages saying I had an "unresolved court matters" and to call the collections agency. I found this strange, because I did follow up on the payment in February, and it was made. I chose to ignore it for three days, because I know how inept collections agencies can be, having been a medical biller.
Today I called the Oahu court system, only to discover that MSB, the collections agency, was calling me because of not one, but FOUR OUTSTANDING TICKETS FOR THE SAME EXACT PROBLEM. Oh. Yes.
Apparently we received tickets on January 4th, January 10, January 14, and January 26.I did not ONCE receive the actual ticket (issued by Kaneohe police department), and supposedly was sent follow up letters threatening collections, and then supposedly received collections agency letters at least twice for each ticket. Of course, my defense sounds silly because I did receive the letters associated with the first October violation. The most helpful person at the court informed me that the ticket would have been placed on the windshield.
So, I estimate that this car, once it is finally fixed, registered, back registration paid with late fees, will have cost us around $5000. If we are lucky, we will be able to get $1800 for the car.
Yes, so can I?


Jesse said...

I am so sorry. That sounds like my worst nightmare. I would have been screaming a long, long time ago.

Smiths said...

You have every right to scream, but do it three or four times since that is the proper protocol for getting things done in Hawaii. So sorry.
And aren't dishes just a necessary evil? I don't think I can go back now that I've tasted the sweetness of a working dishwasher.