Saturday, May 31, 2008


I refuse to take pictures anymore, probably because I know I don't want to be in them. So I stole these pics off the net, but I am regretting not taking pictures now.
On Thursday night the girls (Melinda, Robbie, Cailin, Tailee and I) went for a night out to Casablanca restaurant in Kailua. I never knew the benefits of a girls' night out until I had Amaya, and there was some disagreement with the males at Pam's house the night before we went out as to WHY girls' night out occurs. I maintain that in most situations, guys are just more likely to hog all of the conversation, but if we go out, at least it will be ME who hogs all the conversation. Yes, and I did. I think I hogged all of the food too.
Casablanca is a Moroccan restaurant, something that I've never tried despite my love of Greek food. This is definitely my new favorite place on the island.
The place is decked out with low tables and cushy comfy seats. I snatched the corner and sunk into the pillows for most of the evening. It did take three hours. Still, it was an enjoyable three hours. Normally, at restaurants, I get really tired ot sitting at the straight-backed chairs and dread the way my legs feel with the circulation being slightly cut off under my thighs. I love restaurant food I just usually love getting out of there too. Not the case with this place.
Our hands were washed and there are no utensils, so we dug into a communal appetizer plate that had hummus, tabbouleh, perfectly cooked carrot stuff, eggplant stuff, and tomato stuff. I'm sure there were descriptions but I didn't look closely because its a set 4 course meal, you just choose the main dish. The waitress also brought by bread in a big basket to eat with our food. We had a traditional soup which tasted like a vegetable medley with cilantro and lentil.
The bread looking picture was puff pastry filled with chicken, ground meat, spices, and a little bit of vegetables with sweet almonds, the whole thing dusted with powdered sugar and cinnamon. Really yummy.
For the main meal I got lamb with honey. I like lamb to not taste gamey-- it was perfect. The sauce was gorgeous. I could happily eat that every day.
We also received a dessert of some kind of cookie/pastry thing soaked in sticky honey-like substance, along with sweet mint tea. The concluding wash was accompanied by splashing of orange water on our hands and heads.
The conversation was good too. I love hearing other people's awkward dating stories. I felt like my stomach was getting some good exercise from the laughing. No Ab Ripper necessary!

Despite the day that was waiting for me and scream #2, I slept happily that night.


Damaris @Kitchen Corners said...

the ticket situations sounds like a nightmare

I want to go to Casablanca NOW. It doesn't help that it's ast sunday and I'm reading this

Smiths said...

I'll be going to Casablanca with you in August... plan on it.

I also tried a girls night in the form of Bunco. I decided that I'd rather be with the kids and husband. I really only got along with one of the girls in the group, so now we do a kind of a girls night thing and have never looked back.

The ticket story oddly makes me a little homesick. ha.

Melinda said...
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