Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Election Day

There’s been a bit of controversy with everyone over the whole Project Food Blog thing, but I don’t really want to post about it on my food blog, because that’s where I try to stay positive.

And here’s where I stay negative.

HA! I meant, “real.”

I’m real on my food blog too, but I’d like to leave my food untainted by bitter. Sometimes I’m ok with a bit of an umami taste, though. In this case I feel like there’s bitter from some of the food community, which makes me feel guilty. And that isn’t totally fair.

I like project food blog. I’m having fun. I think it’s made me a better food blogger. I’ve gotten some inspiration and I’ve figured out a little better where I’d like to be heading as a writer. And I’ll still like it even when I lose. It has been a faith building experience for me, actually, because I feel way more energized by writing and cooking and parenting and thinking about all that than teaching (I love the students, promise!) and I hope I’ll be able to balance this with my slightly soul sucking job when I go back in January. I think the inspiration I’ve felt has not been coincidence.

Today I put up a video on the Lactaid video contest, and I’m mortified but trying not to be. I am not a video personality. Therefore, all my hopes and dreams of becoming the next Masterchef are down the tubes.

(that’s ok. I don’t even want to be the next Masterchef. It’s a total sell-out.)

Anywho, I am glad I got to practice my acting skillz on the Lactaid video. I figured out that

A) I am the worst actor.

B) does my voice actually SOUND like that?

C) I’m getting used to watching myself on camera. I only watched the video about 10K times. It’s a little less painful every time.

Jake and I laughed and we totally ignored the kids for a couple of hours. Jake has been my #1 supporter with all these contest things lately. He has lots of good ideas and has given me pointers, and I forgive him for not wanting to be in the video that I have to make for Project Food Blog.



Damaris @Kitchen Corners said...

people are sore loosers, that's it.

I hope you win so bad!

Sonya said...

need me to beat up a foodie for you? i can do it. i'm almost off probation ;)

Mariko said...

Ah, that's sweet. I'll let you know. :)