Wednesday, November 17, 2010


046_edited-1047_edited-1051_edited-1I distinctly remember that the first time Amaya reached for something and grabbed it was when I decided she was a real, live, baby.

Up until then she mostly was like something we were playing house with. Maybe even one of those robot babies that cry when you’re not attending to their needs appropriately.

(she cried a lot.)

Moze reached for, grabbed and held on to his toy today.

Moze talks a lot to us. We talk back. We have whole conversations of oohing and ahing. He’s good at communicating and we understand each other most of the time.

But I still thought it was pretty special.


Moffat949 said...

his eyes are sooo beautiful. can you say that about a boy baby? cause they are.

becky said...

he's getting so big! we'll be stopping by sometime soon to see for ourselves.