Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Hub Lub

012_edited-1This guy took care of the little guys for 3 days 3 nights while I filled my gut and my brain with all things food and blog.

When I came back the kids barely noticed. Maybe they acted even worse. Jake kept saying, “Are you acting like this because Mom’s back?”


I think Jake makes a better mom than me. 

(He even makes better Halloween costumes.)


Melinda Temple said...

husbands can be pretty amazing sometimes. yesterday i passed out doing a blood test at the hospital and ended up in the ER (oops!). ephraim came and took care of everything, it made me weepy.
i had a dream the other night that we were in your living room, and ephraim and jake were talking, and i kept wanting to butt in and tell him all sorts of news, but the guys had this ent-like procedure of just talking about nothing important, and getting around to the "news" later. i was impatient, but at the same time reminded how in sync they can be, and how out of sync and impetuous i can be.

Mariko said...

Why were you doing a blood test?
It's nice to have a back up. Actually, Jake is more like a front up.
I would hardly describe you as impetuous. Unless you mean it in the good way.