Saturday, August 28, 2010

It’s 3:35 am

A lot can happen at 3:36 am. Everything except sleeping.

A baby can be spitting, grunting, crying, hissing, mewling and pissed since 2 am.

He’s been fed (twice), binkied, swaddled, comforted, patted, changed and ignored.

Gas happens. And then that other thing comes 2 hours and other swear words later.

Every. Night.

Only at night.

Ok, so it’s only happened 3 nights in a row now, but can you blame me if it feels like


It’s 3:48.


FootPrints said...

no one blames you one bit. and definitely not at 348am.

Robbie said...

Oh my gosh, that was us too! I swear Kadin just ate and went back to bed, but not Lucas. He's nocturnal. I can't complain 'cause at least he's not crying (just grunting most of the time as he tries to poop), but I'm up 3 hours straight with him, and he never sleeps longer than an hour and half straight at night. So weird. I hope our boys grow out of this soon. I mean, I know having a newborn means not getting enough sleep, but really! :P

ashley said...

as i woke with velzy last night at 2:46 i was so happy knowing that as soon as she had a little drink of water and i told her the bad dream was not real she would go back to sleep. ahhh, newborns.... i am scared.

The Crash Test Dummy said...

aw shucks. I remember the dayz. It won't last foreveh. Like my mom always used to say before I poked her eyes out, "this too shall pass."

That goes for gas too.