Wednesday, August 4, 2010

4 year olds are Giants

IMG_8607 Lately Jake and I have been exclaiming, “Amaya’s hands are huge!” and her feet, and her legs, and her head. She suddenly seems like a giant. She was sitting on my lap and I thought, “When did her butt get so big?”

Mozely’s butt is so little the newborn diapers just slide on down.

I was still calling her “baby” but I think I’m going to have to stop that now. When I was putting on her night time diaper (yes, because otherwise I will be changing those sheets every night) I felt like I was putting a diaper on an adult baby. Feels weird.

She’s also become so imaginative. Compared to the blank eyed newborn stares she seems like a full on real person.

Here’s a story she made up recently. Jake transcribed her words in her little notebook.

“There is a rhinoceros  named Mushroom. he is a very big giant mushroom. Everybody is afraid of him. The only ones who are not afraid of his are his parents because they are giants too.

Everybody is afraid of giants because they are big and dark. Did you know that?

Mushroom and his parents played a game they called “doggie catch.” You play doggie catch by pulling back a tree and letting it go so it will smash into another tree. Then the other tree falls down. That is doggie catch.

Mushroom’s neighbors the Nicebears wanted a new house but they couldn’t knowck down the old one because it was a monster house. Every time they tried to knock it down it tried to eat them.

One day Mushroom and his Giant parents were playing doggie catch… again. Mushroom pulled back the biggest tree he could find and let it go. That tree knocked over the old stinky mango tree. Yeah. The Nicebears did have a stinky mango tree and that tree was next to the monster house and when Mushroom’s big huge tree knocked down the stinky mango tree it smashed right into the monster house. Nicebears were happy and for the first time they were glad to have big dark giants for neighbors.

So they built a new house and made a little card for Giant Mushroom and his huge parents because it was their birthday… which is today.

It’s done.”

Bestseller material, fo’ sho’.

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The Crash Test Dummy said...

Fo' sho' Or as we say in Utah, fer shore.

I'm betting she's either going to be a writer or an artist. ;)