Thursday, August 26, 2010


Forgive me for pulling a Seinfeld here, but

What’s with bras?

Let’s take 2 very sensitive parts of flesh and encase them in metal and fabric but not in the shape of that flesh, actually, more like how that flesh should look if you’d gotten them surgically enhanced. Let’s also make that fabric very scratchy. And the straps thin and hard.

4 years ago I had enough milk to feed a small country. Or at least an island. Definitely enough to feed a chunky baby who ate every 2 hours and preferred milk over food any day. I definitely fed a few friends’ babies with the extra in my freezer. Plus a lot of overflow that stained our sheets, the carpet, 2 chairs, all my shirts… (Milk, it turns out, is like the worst staining thing ever.) I went through a box of nursing pads every 4 days. When people say nursing is cheaper than formula I wonder about this.

So this time I am determined to keep it in check. I wear my bra all the time. For some reason it helps. I wonder if they have a shower bra, because I do think I need it in there, too. I’m like Tobias. A never nude.

But, OH! My tender flesh-es are angry with me. On top of being sore, they scream to be free. I’d like to let them out, but I know they are not going to stay disciplined. They are like Amaya running out the door at 6 in the morning because she knows she is not supposed to, but she has to because she wants to.

At least, unlike Amaya, they don’t know how to unlock the door yet.


Stephanie said...

oh this was great. i used to be able to relate. now for some reason i look like the 12 year old version of myself minus the rest of my body being cute and small too. awkward.

i remember the never nude feeling well. while we're on the tmi subjects, i would make thomas scratch my back under the straps every night just so that skin could feel again. haha

ok, take care of those tender flesh-es will ya.

Damaris @Kitchen Corners said...

If you do figure out how to open the door with your bare breast you HAVE to put it up on YouTube, even though it's against your religion.

Can you imagine the hits?!

Robbie said...

Sports bra!

Smiths said...

I can relate. Kind of. I HATE the wearing a bra 24 hours a day thing, but you obviously know the other option. The only thing I know about the milk leaking thing is that when you feel the let down, push on your boob and it will stop or at least feel a little better. Oh, and if you milk it, milk will come. By that I mean that the more you ask your body for milk, the more your body will make. Try to get on a schedule quick so your body will know when to make it and how much. You wont be left achey and full all the time this way. Good luck! And Moz is So SOOOOO cute.

Mariko said...

Steph: That is a good idea. About the scratching thing. And I know. What's up with losing all boob flesh after nursing is done? I don't get it.
Da: If it would make me enough money to be a stay at home working mom...
Robbie: Check. Still feels scratchy for some reason...
Jill: I press all day long. Moze is on the 2 hour schedule but it still flows any time I hear or think anything baby. ARGH.

The Crash Test Dummy said...

hee hee

No comment. I've never been "endowed" with that problem. ;)

Sylvia Louise said...

I'm sorry for your troubles, but... this made me laugh.