Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Do Not Put Them…

Yesterday, our ENTIRE day was taken up by THIS:


Okay, so not the entire day, just from 9:30 am until 5:00 pm. We got a couple of hours to ourselves.

Amaya asked me if she could go outside. Not 5 seconds later, she was screaming bloody murder.

I ran outside and she was dancing around, screaming, and holding her nose. I pulled her hands away, to which she bucked wildly, and I couldn’t see any blood or anything wrong so I just kept talking to her, trying to get the story.

“I put a bead in my nose…” she sobbed.

I dragged her inside and tried to look inside her nostril, but couldn’t see anything. She was fighting me like a mongoose. She kept screaming that it hurt, but I really could not see a thing. I said, “What color was it?”

“ORANGE!” she wailed.

So I figured she was telling the truth. And she knows her colors.

While she screamed in the bedroom and hid from me because she did not want me to touch her nose, I looked up how to remove objects from a child’s nose. None of which worked.

Jake came home and tried closing one nostril and blowing into her mouth, CPR style, but that didn’t work either. (Thanks a lot, google.)

We called the doctor, and Jake took her. He came back 2 hours later totally frustrated and said bead was still in said nose. Apparently she was acting like a crazed demon and fought everyone. Jake had to use all his strength to hold her down and the nurse held her legs. You know Jake’s not a weakling, right?

Meanwhile the doctor stuck things up her nose to try to get the bead out, which they could barely see, but said it was definitely in there. The doctor also made jokes about sending her to Amsterdam where they give drugs to children. He didn’t want to deal with her anymore and sent them away.

Hmmm. This is where I’m glad I did not pick this guy as our regular pediatrician.

His secretary was golden, however, and she called all over the island to get us an appointment with an Ear Nose and Throat Specialist. She got one for the next day, which of course was not acceptable for me, but still kept calling around trying to find someone for the same day. I called everyone I could find on the internet in the area and was surprised when one ENT actually answered his own phone and explained very thoroughly and convincingly why he would never treat a patient for that in his office, mainly that children are usually out of control when this happens and he would rather be in an ER where they could be sedated in case he accidentally slipped and pierced the brain or pushed the piece down where it would be aspirated into the lungs. He prefers to play it safe, he said. He said we should take her to the ER and they would call a specialist in if needed.

So I was freaked out by that point and called a few more doctors. Did you know that every doctor on Oahu takes lunch between 12 and 2 pm? Maddening.

The secretary from the first doctor called us back and said she found someone who would see Amaya if we could get there before 4:30. It was about 2:50 at that point so Jake jumped in the car and I planned to follow after I fed Mozely and grabbed stuff. Did I mention that my mom was leaving on the plane that night? We planned to take her down to the ER at Kapiolani if the doctor couldn’t get it.

Jake barely got there in time because of traffic. Literally about 2 minutes before 4:30. I showed up about 10 minutes later and I could hear her screaming from the hallway outside the doctor’s offices. She just kept screaming that she wanted to go home and it didn’t hurt anymore.

Yeah. She was very convincing.

I walked in just as the doc put a nostril widening device and swept out the bead with a pokey device.

It took about 10 seconds. And, boy, is that ENT worth every penny. And I want to buy those devices. Just in case.

I told Amaya about 50 billion times to never do that again. That’s usually how many times it takes to make sure she doesn’t do something again, so hopefully it sticks. I don’t want to plant the idea in her mind but I wish I could tell her not to do that to Mozely.

I did catch her putting a quarter in Mozely’s mouth the other day. Should I be worried?


Amaya was so happy to have that thing out of her nose. She was back to her normal only partly wild self. And we still made our dinner reservation before taking my mom to the airport.

We are such pros at being parents.


FootPrints said...

oh my goodnesssssss!!!

did you get ENT dr tran at kapiolani? that's who we had when my daughter shoved a pearl so high i couldn't see it! i can't believe the first doctor tried to get it out!! we initially went to our ped and he looked at it and immediately said what he or the ER would do would be too traumatic! so he sent us over to Dr Tran.

so glad everything turned out well!! she will NEVER do it again. mine is still scared till this day!

Heidi said...

I've so been there (but with a different child, a different item and a different orifice). I'm all tense just reading about it. Glad it's all okay, now.

Mariko said...

We actually tried to get Dr. Tran but she was in surgery yesterday so we had an appointment with her the next day. Dr. Murakami saw us.
I couldn't see the bead either. We knew it was there, though, because of all the fuss she was making.
Thank goodness she can talk. What if she had only been 1 years old? I never would have known what was going on.

A different orifice?
Oh man. I bet that's a good story.

Stephanie said...


i felt for you on this one for sure. is there some sort of support group we can start for parents of "spirited" children ;)

ashley said...

so not fun. doesn't it kill you when they have the cool tools and can fix stuff in a jif like that? there needs to be a parents survival kit with all those handy things in them.

The Crash Test Dummy said...

O M GOSH!!!!!!

I lubbed that story. ;)

sienna said...