Wednesday, September 30, 2009

All By My Self

...don't wanna be... All By My Self...

Please come to my cooking blog and join my almost no sugar challenge.

What's your incentive?


I'll get back to you on that one.

How about, if you live around here, I'll make you something extra duper special on my birthday. How's that sound?

If you live far away you'll have to make something extra special for yourself on my birthday.
Not such a bad deal.

Plus, you can whine all about how hard it is to do this, and everyone will feel sorry for you. So it's like a win-win situation. And we can complain about it together while keeping our eyes on each other. Not in a weird sultry way, but a "if you mess up I can mess up too" kind of way. And then we can blame each other for slipping up and accidentally putting oreos in our mouths when really we meant to eat granny smith apples. Mmmmm. Apples dipped in milk. That's what we meant to do anyway.

Otherwise I'll just shame you into it, so you might as well get on now, before I tell everybody that big secret you told me that one time.

HA. You totally know what I'm talking about, don't you.

There's time to eat sugar later. Even Nutella can wait until Christmas, Sydney.


Kristina P. said...

Sugar runs my life.

Stephanie said...

what an intriguing idea. and please dont tell ANY of my secrets. i told you like 40.... remember that one night.... in mexico?

anyway, off to your cooking blog i go (you have a cooking blog?!?! cool.)

Nutty Hamster Chick said...

I'm afraid I'm addicted to sugar. so good luck with that. I will still be happy to listen to you whine.

Mariko said...

So I've talked a bunch of my students into it. I just hope they're not trying to use it as a diet.

Iz? I know you're always up for crazy food pact.

Smiths said...

Good luck to you. I've been dancing around this one for a while and might join you a few days here and there. I wish I was there the day after Christmas, that's for dang sure :)

cailin said...

But Iz's idea of a crazy diet (like the lemonade cleanse) only lasts for 10 days. Waiting till Christmas sounds like a feat for Hercules or Gandhi. My hat's off to you.....but I'm clutching close my Halloween candy bag.