Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Grown Up

Amaya started going to Rainbow school just last month. The weirdest part of it is that I am not realizing how old she is getting, I am realizing how old I am getting. And it's all happening so fast.
Jake and I are sitting at the kitchen table and talking about the fact that the teachers want to move Amaya up to the 3-4 class (she’s in the 2-3 class) and the whole time I’m thinking, Is this what parents do? Discuss how your kid is coping in her environment and how she might be affected for the rest of her life? Since she doesn't have to take naps in the 3-4 class will she grow up right?

Even as I'm hearing myself saying, "What did the teacher say?" I'm wondering how it got to be that I've accepted that the rest of the world is going to have a say in how Amaya grows up. I've let it in. And I have to work with it.

Yesterday Amaya was holding a spray can of some kind and I said, “Don’t play with that; it has chemicals in it.”
She said, “Yeah. It has POOP in it!”
I said, “What?! It doesn’t have poop in it.”
She replied, “Yes, poop has chemicals. It has poop in it.”

She is SO ready.
I think it's me who has to try to be a grownup.


Unknown said...

She is so funny.

and I totally went to Rainbow School. I don't know what that says about me but I think I turned out ok...I hope.

OH and I keep meaning to tell you, that bike thing with the handle thing for the parent...we were totally going to get that from our friends but I see you got it. cool.

The end.

Stephanie said...

hi. i'm stephanie. we have never met in person(?) but i have played with your daughter and robin numerous times. she and ambrose are tight. :) anyway, thanks for the kind comment. thomas takes all the photos that are cool mostly. anyway, i was wondering- were you talking about fearless freaks? we watched that and liked it. around the same time we watched i am trying to break your heart about wilco. also great.

anyway, just stopped in to say hi!

Stephanie said...

oh im all about the blog stalking literary pal. let's keep it up!

Kristen said...

I remember this... except it wasn't with rainbow school, and they didn't want to push my daughter forward (like they should have) they held her back. ERRRRRR..... long vent you probably don't want to hear!
But YES, I am down with Mango Frozen Yogurt!! And yogurt cheese? I don't think I've even heard of it.. *shame* show me? LOVE YOU.

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Oh that is so true. The rest of the world having a say in how your kids grow up is the hardest part of growing up. I remember that so well with Tatum. Every stage of the first one moving forward is always the hardest. Wait until Amaya wants a cell phone and a Facebook. I'm dreading the first boyfriend. I carried this girl for 9 months and raised her by the sweat of my brow and then some BOY will come in and mess her all up.

Ashley-Anne and Daniel Brown said...

How fun she's at Rainbow... I did some of my degree work there! How is she adjusting? You?