Sunday, October 18, 2009

Good Day, Bad Night

To-Day: Amaya gives lots of kisses and hugs all day long. She likes to sing "Ain't it great to be crazy" and say "Ska-doosh" when she's holding our hands as we walk to church. She pretends to be a cat (which is one stage of toddler-dom I have always somewhat disliked, but I try to humor her) and when you ask her what she's going to be for Halloween she says "trophy." Which in Amaya language is "Dorothy." She babbles "katchakatchakatchakatcha" when she knows she is being naughty. She requests we take a walk in the rain on Sunday afternoon and she makes a little "fire" out of sticks so we can roast our kukui nut "marshmallows". We throw and kick kukui nuts all over BYUH parking lot.

To-Night: We get a whiff of something strange, and come in to find that she has pooped her diaper but is asleep. When we turn on the light there is poop all over her mouth, her hands, on the wall, and on the bed.

And this is the 10th time that's happened this month, so we are none too pleased. This also reminds me of all the disgusting things I had to sweep out of her mouth today (and some of them got swallowed quickly).

If she would wake up at 7am instead of 6am, I might be able to forgive her. But I already know that tomorrow morning, when it's 6 am (or before) and I say, "Amaya, go back to bed!" she is going to say, "I want to wake up EARLY!"

It's a good thing she's got all day to make it up to us.


Heidi said...

I've been told that if left too long in bed after a nap, I would use my poo to write on the walls. A writer, even then . . . Seriously, she sounds like SO much fun! Ska-doosh!

Unknown said...

Poop!! That must've been really fun to clean up! but in her mouth? why?! That happened with Aaron once. But it might happen again. (this way I'm not jinxing myself!)

Good luck with the whole poop thing!

Smiths said...

"they were the best of times. They were the worst of times." Was that written about parenthood? Yikes.

ashley said...

how does the poop get all over, that is what i am wondering. nasty!!!!
hope she makes it up to you today. i am feeling the same way about velzy right now, i hate the bedtime battle!