Sunday, April 12, 2009

Stuff That's Hard

  • Being a parent in a dirty public bathroom.
  • Understanding why people go to chain semi-fast food restaurants, like "Chili's"
  • Not eating oreos after I've eaten dinner, second dinner, a snack, and some m&m's.
  • playing "Hello, hello" at junior and senior primary for the billionth sunday in a row
  • stopping yourself from watching the next episode of "24"
  • watching your daughter fake vomit in her mouth from eating a piece of zucchini
  • following through with your P90x workout
  • finding clothes for school in the dark
  • getting a 9th grader's attention and keeping it
  • Jake's muscles

I guess not everything that's hard is undesirable.


Kristina P. said...

I'm with you on the Chili's one.

Anonymous said...

Zucchini? My entire family (my mom, husband, sister and brothers) joined in trying to get my five-year-old daughter to try ONE bite of cheesy potato casserole this afternoon. ONE bite! And it's not like it's even a vegetable (unless you count potatoes as vegetables, which I don't.) And after seeing her reject it, my two-year-old wouldn't eat it, either. It's a good thing they have Easter candy to keep them from starving.

Unknown said...

you crack me up. and I'm totally with you on following through with workouts!

Masayuki said...

Oh you two. Still so in love. I only hope that Amanda will be writing such things on her blog 5 years from now. Only a week and a half till you're in good ol' Utah. Any requests?

Chowder said...

Chili's is one of few restaurants that was in Texas that is in Hawaii. (Excluding McDonalds, Subway... ect.) So it's really only for sentimental reasons.

But they do have some good food.

Sylvia Louise said...

I will be writing about Kegan's muscles until we are eighty-five. After that, all bets are off.

Robbie said...

Love you, Mighty. I love reading your stuff, too (i had 3 entries to catch up on--what a treat!). And I've seen Amaya do that fake vomit thing when she's decided she's eaten enough of whatever her lunch is--it is hard to watch! She's so sweet, though. I'm glad I get to be near you guys and be a small part of her life during this toddler phase. I can also relate to finding work clothes in the dark! I love it when it's finally light outside when you wake up!

Patria said...

oh gosh this is hilarious. my favorites are the child in a public bathroom and playing "hello, hello" in primary, and fake vomit...that's good stuff.

(i just laughed out loud thinking about the kind of freak i turn into when i bring my children into a public bathroom...they must think i'm nutso, and its not like anything i do really works- its inevitable that they find a way to lay on the floor, touch something horrific, or swing open someone else's stall door).