Friday, April 10, 2009


When Amaya woke up early this morning (as she has been ever since we broke her from her morning bottle-- Now she sleeps even less-- not even 9 hours at night),
Jake said, "Amaya, why are you so lame sometimes?"
Amaya answered, "No, I'm not lame. Spongebob is lame."
Jake told her this tidbit about spongebob about 3 months ago, once. A little later she remembered that The Lion King was also lame.

For breakfast she said, "Get me a napkin, please." When we didn't jump up right away she said, "Anyone....? Anyone?"

After breakfast she wanted a body tart. Which is apparently the same thing as a poptart. A strawberry one.

When I was in the bathroom she was very upset about being locked into the house and heard "Uncle" Buddy talking to Pam outside. She was trying to unlock the door herself and kept calling out to them. Then she got a key out of the key bowl and said, "Uncle Buddy! I have a key! Let me show you how to use it! I need to unlock the door!"

I used to think nothing sounded funny at 6 am.


Kristina P. said...

I love toddler age. Kids are just hilarious!

austin said...

That is really funny, I was reading this at work, and I read the part about Lion King also being lame, right when I got a phone call, it was difficult to keep my composure.

sienna said...

man. i miss her. i would love to here her little voice saying all those things. she's hilarious. great anecdotes. i'm sure she'll love to hear these stories when she is older too.

Unknown said...

she is so funny!

Damaris @Kitchen Corners said...

this is funny. You know what is NOT funny Enzo waking up at 4:00 yelling "FOOD, FOOD" and wanting us to feed him before it's even light out. It happened 3 times this week.

Heidi said...

Totally cracked up over the "anyone,anyone?" part. She's a treasure.

Liz said...

k, i'm so glad she knows what really defines lame is at this early age. . . and i love how she schooled her dad. baha!
plus, the "anyone" response is priceless!!

Anonymous said...

How does it feel being the mother of a little genius child? :)